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EMF Film Special  


Surreptitious Smart Meters

Cell Phones and Cancer - the World is Catching On

Other EMF nightmares

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Corpornment - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations an Government   

Big Brother 


Corporate Chemical Criminals Evading Justice  

Chemical Mess  

Food Glorious Food!

Miscellaneous But Important






This brand new, awesome documentary is an in depth investigative report on the lies the WHO propagates around health effects from EMFs plus tons of other fantastic interviews on the subject.  Click on the link to view on Vimeo...
Microwaves Science and Lies 


Clips from another fantastic looking documentary on electrosensitivity...






Don't Panic, But that Public WIFI is Coming from Inside Your house!

"People at risk of ailments from brain tumors to exhaustion amid 'insane' radiation levels", say Scandinavian experts...
"Even electromagnetic fields at levels of only 1/100,000th of what we are regularly exposed to from mobiles, are found to disturb the complex electrical operations taking place at cellular levels, and to cause damage to DNA, proteins, neurons and oxidation processes."
"In spite of this, we have allowed an electrosmog of an almost unimaginable dimension to develop," he stated.
Calling for Wi-Fi to be discontinued worldwide, he warned: "It is going to affect future generations, and the time to act is now."
WIFI Electrosmog - A Risk to Health Say Scientists

Cell Phones and Cancer - the World is Catching On

Other EMF Nightmares


New study showing relationship between Multiple Sclerosis and other myelin sheath related illnesses with wireless/RF exposure... 

"The latest statistics from Europe indicate that 10% of the population suffers from this syndrome of intolerance to EMF and the numbers are growing. These people are totally handicapped in their lives. Statistics in peer-reviewed publications predict that in the next 50 years, from 25 to 50% of the population will be afflicted." 

Interview with Dr. Dominique Belpomme by Radio Canada on EMF and Electrosensitivity 


"Smart" Carcinogenic Device to "Purify" Air    

Iot to Enable 25 Billion Carcinogenic "Smart Things" by 2020 



So great were it not for the horrific pain and health effects it could cause your pet...

"By studying 30 years of data across 25 countries, conservationists estimated that there are now a brain-boggling  421 million fewer birds flapping across the continent's skies than were around in 1980."



Please Do Your Homework!!!  :)  Thank you!!!  :))  


SUPER important homework this week!!...


"Enough electromagnetic radiation will be emitted so as to be capable of melting human eye tissue, and causing breast cancer, childhood leukemia and damage to human fetuses, let alone impacting wildlife in the area."


"...if someone is in the exclusion area for more than 15 minutes, that's a ballpark estimate for when there would be some concern for potential to injure, to receive burns," he said.  Imagine all of the creatures who live in this pristine forest that will be there for more than 15 minutes!!! 


We have a very short window of opportunity here to voice our objections. The deadline for comments is Nov 28th.

Forest Service officials have recently stated that only "substantive" comments will have the power to reverse their decision. This means that in your official comments, you must mention that the Navy has violated Federal law-the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)- in drafting their Environmental Assessment (EA).  

If you have already submitted comments, you can submit additional comments and include the above violation or other violations you are aware of. 

Corpornment - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government


This BRILLIANT publicity stunt by some activists has FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler not knowing what to do.  He tries to pretend to be on the protestors side, but they are NOT havin' it!.  This is a SUPER FUN video to watch!!

Protest for Net Neutrality at Tom Wheeler's Home!!

Federal Lawsuit Filed Against CPUC, SCE and SDG@E for Collusion and RIpping Off Customers

Government Forced Labor - Including Children, 2014, Uzbekistan

Big Brother

How Dept. of Justice Spies on You From the Air

AKA, they REALLY want you to buy their new cars, all of which contain carcinogenic, RF surveillance devices that can track your every move inside your vehicle...
Car Makers "Unite" Around "Consumers Privacy"






Corporate Chemical Criminals Evading Justice

"...Gr´┐Żnenthal directors and their lawyers met in secret with the federal health ministry... four federal ministries were involved in discussing an "overall solution", meaning a high-level political intervention to stop the trial."

"This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster. An estimated 22,000 people died following the leak and more than 570,000 were exposed to damaging levels of toxic gas...Pollution from the abandoned site has contaminated the local water supply and poses an ongoing threat to the health of surrounding communities." 

"Villagers who opposed the project were beaten by government soldiers. A park warden, who tried to block the oil company, SOCO International, from building a cellphone tower in the park, was kidnapped and tortured. Virunga's director, a Belgian prince, was shot and nearly killed hours after he delivered a secret report on the oil company's activities."





Chemical Mess 


New Documentary, "Bought" Exposes Hidden Story Behind Vaccines, Pharma and Food


Oxygen Masks - The Fashionable New "Must Have" Accessory in China Hit the Runway! 


I did not know this..."In the UK, 1 in 40 of all male cancer deaths below the age of 80 is due to mesothelioma."
Astounding Asbestos Death Rates in UK May Now be repeated in Australia


Chemical Exposure and Breast Cancer Link


Crustaceans have the ability to "lock down" on their maleness in the fight against gender bending chemicals that turn males to females.


"Blindness, deformed limbs, premature greying of hair, learning disabilities and skin diseases are common among the 1,200 residents, many of whom are children who ought to be in school. Wheelchairs can be seen everywhere."

Food Glorious Food!

This is why it is so important not to buy imported food from China...

Chinese Citizens Begin Testing Their Own Food

This is how it's done!!  Monsanto threatened to sue Maui once the anti GMO bill passed, but farmers beat them to the punch!!   

Farmers Sue Monsanto and Maui County to Make Sure the Anti GMO Bill They Passed Sticks!   


Miscellaneous But Important


Quote of the 20th and 21th Century...


"Ignorance may or may not be bliss, but for one thing, it is VERY PROFITABLE."

Helke Ferrie

Special thanks for articles from: Environmental Health News, Power Watch, Daily Kos, Access Now, EMR Updates The Microwave Factor, Judi Hangartner, Jane Stone, Robert Riedlinger, Tobie and Ellen Cecil, Marilynn Martin, Andre Fauteux, Patricia Burke,


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