October 2016
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Offering Up What We Love -- Letting Go of the Rest!

After a decade of providing consulting services to eco and social entrepreneurs I have honed in on exactly what I'm good at and what I truly love to do.  And, I'm stepping away from everything else! 
Over the years I've worked with solar and wind energy start-ups, airports, real estate developers, non-profit advocacy groups, local, state and federal governments.  I've done everything from implementing sustainable design planning charrettes to figuring out tax credits to developing award-winning green jobs reports and action plans.  I'm grateful for it all but ready for a little new focus. 
The mission is the same:  To help create a future in which we live, travel and do business in a way that is good for the planet and for people at all income levels. 
But the honed in focus, my main love is empowering change-makers who are creating programs, products and organizations that protect and restore nature and improve the quality of our lives.  
New, Unique Pared Down and Powered Up Service Offerings! 
One of the biggest unique values that I (and the other 3E consultants) bring is the unusual combination of deep understanding of energy, climate, sustainability and new economy issues along with fantastic writing, speaking and communications skills.  
In other words we know a lot about the wonky stuff and also how to talk about the wonky stuff in a compelling, convincing, engaging way!
We are creative, innovative thinkers who are also super organized and efficient.  We start with what's possible rather than what is, then connect dots, cross-pollinate and implement.  
We know how to get the team to a big vision and then take steps to make that vision real.  We are Visionary Doers!
What We're Really Good At:
    Empowering change-makers with the knowledge, relationship building and life coaching to make their biggest positive impact on our world.
    Creating and navigating collaborative processes and projects especially for complex, diverse and potentially conflict-rich projects.
    Developing and delivering highly effective communications , media and social media outreach message and strategies.
I am passionately committed to working with other passionate people who are leaning into making our world a better place.  If 3EStrategies could be of use to you and your amazing project/product/organization by all means let me know!  I'd love to help you fellow change-makers take your good work to a whole new level!
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Renewables Now Mainstream in 23 States

3EStrategies is working with the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) to harness the power of business to create an economy that makes the world a better place. 
The Economy for the Common Good has become an international movement that has grown rapidly in Europe, Latin America and Africa since its founding in 2011.  At its heart is a simple but powerful idea: that our economy should be directed towards increasing the wellbeing of the entire population rather than simply towards maximizing narrowly-defined economic profits. This recognizes the fact that, as research in many countries has shown, the acquisition of material wealth beyond a certain point does not generally contribute to a corresponding increase in subjective wellbeing or happiness.
This summer 3EStrategies is working to help ECG make its introduction into the United States. We believe this is THE next major step in the sustainable business movement and we are thrilled to be part of this effort.
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A Very Personal Speech about a Very Difficult Time

Recently I was invited to speak at the national Take Back Your Time conference.   Later in the day I spoke about the issues of moving to a sustainable, post fossil fuel, post GDP economy, but the plenary speech was much more personal.  This speech was titled, " How a Fall from Grace Led to a More Graceful Relationship with Time ."   It was about how the tremendous challenges of the past year and half have changed me personally and professionally.  It is very personal and I feel vulnerable putting it out there but here it is. 
This is the first time I've spoken about these tremendous challenges to a broader audience and I was nervous but the audience was wonderfully receptive.  Many resonated with the concept that how we deal with our inner environment is inextricably linked to our impact on our outer environments and even our work to protect the environment. 
I would love to hear what you think about these concepts.  Thank you. 

Significant Article on Advanced Manufacturing's Place in the New Economy

The Next System Project has provided a substantive, detailed paper on Advanced Manufacturing and the importance of manufacturing in the next generation economy.  I highly recommend this piece for anyone working in the manufacturing side of things.  
To see full article click  here.  

World's First 100% Renewable Powered Boat 
Circles Globe

The €4.2m ($4.72 million) vessel-nicknamed the "Solar Impulse of the Seas"-aims to circumnavigate the globe using only clean power, a feat similar to Solar Impulse 2 's historic, solar-powered flight around the world that was completed this past July.   The boat will sail for six years around the world as a floating exhibition and clean energy laboratory, with stops in 50 countries and 101 ports of call.
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