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Lots of news and a couple of special headliners...

"Desperately Seeking White Zone"  This film looks awesome!!!

Also, Maine cell phone/warning label bill that Rep. Andrea Boland brought and that we have been working for, for the past 6 years made it out of committee with a 6/6 vote last Thurs.  It goes to the floor next week for a full legislature vote.  The language has changed since the bill was introduced and will change again before the vote.  Even if the language is watered down it would still be a very big deal and could change the way people use and think about cell phones if it passes.  Will keep you posted. 

Smart Meter Send Off
Cell Phone Sillies
Wonderful WIFI
Cell Towers Losing Power
New FCC Chair Receives Warm Welcome
The Great Light Bulb Scam Goes Global
Wireless Warfare
It's Never Too Early to Start Giving Your Toddler Cancer!
Local EMF Actions
Endless EMF News
Radiation Nation
NSA Won't Go Away!
"Corpornment" - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government
FDA In The Way
Drill Baby Drill!
Weathering Down The World
Watering Down The World
Illness, Can't Live With it, Can Live Without It
Other News

Smart Meter Send Off

Gas Co. Turns Off Meters and Orders People to "Public Warming Stations" If They Are Cold

Smart Meter Education Network Files Appeal in Michigan Court

Patricia Burke on Smart Meters

Time to leave your utility and go solar...
Sweeping Changes Sought for Electricity Bills

How Many Analogs are Really Left in BC?

Cell Phone Sillies

Bedroom Invading Smart Phones Jumble Body's Sleep Rythms

Smart Phones Set to Become Even Smarter

Varsity Center to Study Mobile Phone Radiation Effects

Wonderful WIFI

From Nov. 2013
AAEM Recommends Hard Wired Connections and Says Avoid WIFI

WIFI Fearing Parents Knock Out Internet in New Zealand School

Cell Towers Losing Power

The "Kill zone" is approx.1500 feet, but I would say a mile from a cell tower is best.
Cell Tower Distance Violations Irk Activists in India

Mumbai Citizens Want Stricter Cell Tower Emissions

New Study...
Subjective Symptoms Related to GSM Radiation from Mobile Phone Base Stations

New FCC Chair Receives Warm Welcome

Mountain View, Hecklers Anti Wireless hecklers Interrupt FCC Chairman's Speech at Computer History Museum

More Coverage on Protest of FCC Chairman with Pics

Former Head of FCC Hired by Carlyle Group

The Great Light Bulb Scam Goes Global

Apparently the same people who run the planet are banning light bulbs not only in the US but in many other countries.

Here is an excerpt from a note I received this from Prof. Olle Johansson, Karolisnka Inst., Stockholm, Sweden on the banning of the incandescent light bulb. 
"I do not think I need to remind you of the health issues ranging from the fact that they are radiofrequent (most often between 70,000 and 120,000 Hz) to all the problems with their mercury content (a child exposed to one broken CFL bulb will receive eight thousand times the recommended amount of mercury vapor!), all the plastic and metal waste from the socket concomitant with a general recycling problem, the UV problem (a recent study shows that CFL bulbs emit high levels of ultraviolet radiation, specifically, UVC and UVA rays. In fact, the UV rays are so strong that they can actually burn skin and skin cells. Experts say the radiation could initiate cell death and cause skin cancer in its deadliest form, malignant melanoma), etc., etc., etc." It is all a huge spin, lie, scam and fraud.
My. Stinky Pants and the CFL Light Bulb

Great but older article from Global Research
New Instruments of Surveillance and Total Control: Wireless Technologies Which Target the Neuronal Functioning of the Brain

It's never too early to start giving your toddler cancer...

Fabulous Wireless Tablet for the Toddler

Wearable Tech For Babies

Who needs the NSA with "Flip Track"
Wireless Leash for Children - "Flip Track"

Local EMF Actions

Please contact to help stop this...
HaltMASmartMeters is Trying to Stop Mandatory Smart Meters in Massachusettes

Endless EMF News

Virginia Farver, Mother of Rich - Brain Cancer Victim USD Cancer Cluster, Letter Containing LOTS of Pertinent Info

Electrosensitive Man Breaks Into School and Shuts Off Electricity Due to it Making Him Sick     Google Translate

And you thought I was bad...
French Woman Protests and Demands Safety from Electromagentic Radiation by Climbing on Top of Crane      Google Translate

Listen to the lyrics of this song!...
Awesome Rap Song About Wireless Radiation!!

Microwave News Report on Animals Needing Magnetic Fields to Hunt and Live 

Thank GOD for this invention!!!  I had been wanting to learn how to brush my teeth for YEARS!!!
Internet Connected Toothbrush Makes CES Debut

US Wireless Standards Declared Inadequate

Hand Out from Dr. Joel Moskowitz, New Federal Policy Needed for Wireless Radiation Safety

Is Electromagnetic Radiation Dangerous?  How to Protect Yourself

Blue Tooth Embedded Into Tennis Rackets..."Welcome to the Internet of Things"

Electric Forensics, the Link Between EMF Exposures and Unusual Behaviors

Wearable Tech Showroom - NPR Audio

Dukes Superlense Boosts Wireless Power

Big Brother Is Watching You E-Read


Radiation Nation

Experts Say Coastal Radiation on CA Beaches Showing 14 Times Normal Radiation Levels Unrelated to Fukushima

Dr. Christopher Busby, 500% increase in background radiation on CA Beaches...
Fukushima Dangers on the Rise

Radiaoactive Snow in St. Louis, Missouri

She may sound crazy but a lot of what she says rings true...
Leuren Moret, US and UK Monarchy Behind Fukushima Genocide

Thryoid Cancer Rates on the Rise in Japanese Children, Experts Warn Residents to Evacuate

More on 98% Dead Sea Creatures Blanket Pacific Ocean Floor - Up from 1 Percent Before Fukushima

Rosemary Found to Help with Radiation Exposure

Surviving Radiation the "Wise Woman Way"

NSA Won't Go Away!

NSA Calls iPhone Using Public "Zombies Who Pay For Their Own Surveillance"

Telecom Believed to be at Center of Government Court Battle Files Surveilance Transparency Report

To Protect and Infect..Why NSA Spying Affects You, No Matter Who You Are

Think Meta Data Isn't Intrusive?  Read and Watch This

Senator Rand Paul Brings Class Action Lawsuit Against NSA for Spying on US Citizens

Using Pigeons to Avoid Government Surveillance is Not as Crazy as it Sounds

Corpornment - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government

Snowden "Monsanto in Collusion with Government to Create Chemtrails"

Absolutely Fascinating Interview with Ex- Forbes Financial Reporter on Recent Global Government Economic Crimes

After 20 Years of NAFTA Poverty, Law Makers Move to Fast Track TPP

Here is a Petition Against TPP

5 Companies to Fear Fondly

A Whistle Blower in Finest Tradition

Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power

Drill Baby Drill!

Should We Blast the Atlantic Ocean with Air Guns to Map Oil Drilling Potential?

Investigation Confirms Fears About Fracking

Weathering Down The World

Big Weather Events Getting Worse

Plan to Avert Global Warming by Cooling Planet Artificially Could Cause "Climate Chaos"

Stop Geoengineering - Letter to the Editor

Watering Down The World

Chemical Leak Contaminates water for 300,000

This article has some stunning pollution photos in it, one of a garbage forest.
Rio's Olympic Water POLLUTED

Illness, Can't Live With it, Can Live Without It

Although I haven't seen this whole thing, what I did see was pretty interesting.
The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - Dr. Tent

Sarcoma Disappeared     Google Translate

Whooping Cough Outbreaks Being Triggered by Vaccinated Children

BPA Linked to Prostate Cancer

Detoxifying Heavy Metals With Chlorella

Other News

Maine Governor Signs Bill to Label Genetically Modified Food, But Other States Must Follow Suit In Order for it to Go Into Effect

Deal Reached On Tobacco Corrective Statements - Industry Lied to Public

Air Pollution May Cause Diabetes

US Environmental Target Canadian Fisheries For Marine Mammal Massacre

Suicide in the Army

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