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ADA Question of the Month - Do You Know the Answer?
Question : Who has obligations under Title II of the ADA ?
The answer is at the end of the newsletter.

Rhode Island remains the only state to screen every individual who comes into the correctional system for opioid use disorder, and to offer, along with drug counseling, all three types of drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat addiction -  methadone, buprenorphine and naltrexone.

Iimage source: courtesy of Getty Images by Andrew Burton. 

Kathy Gips Our very own Kathy Gips, Director of Training for the New England ADA Center, will present at the Architecture Boston Expo this fall. Kathy will be speaking on two panels on November 28th. The first is "ADA Updates 2018." The second is "ADA and Mass Access Regulations: Untangling the Confusion."

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Kathy Gips. Image source: file photo. 

The Administration for Community Living (ACL) visits the New England ADA Center at the Institute for Human Centered Design (IHCD)
Lance Robertson, Assistant Secretary for Aging and ACL's Administrator; Kathleen Otte, Region I & 2  ACL Director; and other ACL staff met with the New England ADA Center and IHCD staff. The meeting highlighted the work of IHCD and the New England ADA Center -grantees of ACL.

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Oce Harrison and Willa Crolius provide a tour of the New England ADA Center and IHCD facilities to the ACL staff. Image source: photo by David West.

ADA Coalition of Connecticut Holds State Conference for Municipalities
On Friday, November 2nd the ADA Coalition of Connecticut's hosted its Annual State Conference. Bill DeMaio, ADACC's Chairman of the board welcomed the 80 attendees who represented more than 50 municipalities, state agencies and non-profits. The day featured timely and informative presentations by several ADA professionals and networking opportunities with ADA coordinators from around the state.

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Massachusetts Office on Disability's Evan Bjorklund presents to the ADACC information on service animals. Image source: photo by Karen Green.

New Hampshire's Governor's Commission on Disability (GCD) Leadership is Recognized
Executive Director Chuck Saia of the GCD  was named vice chair of the National Association of G overnors' Committees on People with Disabilities (NAGC), upon recognition of New Hampshire's leadership and forward thinking on disability issues. 

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Chuck Saia, Executive Director of GCD. Image source: photo courtesy of Louise McBride.

For The Disabled, Office Accessibility Is Often A Dealbreaker - But It Doesn't Have To Be
Image of the Massachusetts state house Massachusetts law does not require all workplaces to be accessible to people with mobility impairments. It's a problem advocates wanted to address for 18 years. The Massachusetts Architectural Board (AAB) is tasked with ensuring that spaces are accessible. A bill that would expand the power of the AAB, to cover employee spaces, has been repeatedly stuck in the legislature.

Image source: file photo.

Burlington, Vermont's $70 Million High School Bond to Address Accessibility Issues
The project was chosen to tackle the layout of the buildings that students, especially those with physical challenges, found daunting.

Image source: photo courtesy of Burlington School District.

National News
Rollback Of Disability Rules Can Make Doctor's Visits Painstaking
Laws meant to prohibit discrimination against the disabled fall short when it comes to visiting the doctor's office, leaving patients with disabilities to navigate a tricky obstacle course that not only leaves them feeling awkward but also jeopardizes their care.

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Denise Hok, of Colorado Springs. Image source: photo courtesy of Kaiser Health News by Dougal Brownlie .

Access Board to Assess Feasibility of Wheelchair Restraint Systems on Aircraft
Us access board logo The Access Board will examine the feasibility of equipping aircraft with wheelchair restraint systems so that people with disabilities do not have to transfer to plane seats. "This is a significant issue in air travel that will require careful exploration and analysis," states Access Board Executive Director David Capozzi. 

Data Guru Living with ALS Modernizes Industries by Typing with His Eyes
The self-proclaimed "oldest nerd of Guatemala," Otto Knoke is an admitted workaholic.  He analyzes data and creates business-intelligence dashboards for customers ranging from restaurants to hotels and real-estate companies using eye tracking software for his communication needs.

Otto Knoke. Image source: photo courtesy of Microsoft.

A Heartwarming Slice of Life: Pizza Made and Served by the Deaf
San Francisco has some of the best restaurants anywhere - and one of the most unique. Mozzeria, ranked among the top pizza places in the city, is also one of the first to be entirely owned and operated by people who are deaf.

Image source: photo courtesy of CBS NEWS

ADA Title II Action Guide for State and Local Governments - 7 Steps to  Implement the ADA Graphic
State and local governments (public entities) have obligations under Title II of the ADA to provide people with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in all services, programs and activities. The ADA Action Guide leads public entities through a process to compliance with the ADA.

Answer to the ADA Question of the Month

Answer Title II applies to state and local governments including state executive agencies, courts, legislatures, towns, cities, counties, public school districts, universities, community colleges, water districts, special purpose districts, regional transit authorities, other state and local government instrumentalities and AMTRAK.

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