The Milk Supply is Strong
Through our communications, we are informing consumers that New England's milk supply is strong and steady, and are explaining how COVID-19 has impacted the dairy industry . Read our blog and share it on your social media channels to spread the word.

The Agriculture commissioners of Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts have sent a joint letter to the USDA Secretary of Agriculture seeking help for our region's dairy farmers. Read more here.
See Something, Say Something
While many stores have lifted purchasing limits, we are still receiving reports of purchase limits on milk and select dairy products. 

Here’s what we know:
  • Dairy purchase limits are not a chain-wide policy for most of our grocers. In most cases, decisions are left to the individual store manager. For example, the manager of a Massachusetts Shaw's store reported that the purchase limit sign was taken down once a milk shipment arrived, but he may have to put it back up if they run low.
  • Hannaford has a butter purchase limit in place from the corporate level. We are talking with members of the supply chain to understand why this is happening and how to best address it.
  • Stop & Shop and Price Chopper do not have dairy purchase limits in place.

Moving forward, your New England Dairy team will continue to reach out to stakeholders at multiple levels to have all dairy limits removed.

If you see posted signs limiting how much dairy can be purchased, send us an email at , along with a photo and location information.
Supporting School Meals
New England Dairy continues to work with our schools and partners to develop solutions that get meals and milk to students and support the nutritional needs of families in our communities. To date we’ve purchased and donated 1,280 portable milk coolers to 67 districts across New England. 

Milk continues to be an important part of school meals and is being provided with every meal. Our State Departments of Education, in collaboration with USDA, are offering schools flexibility on the type and size of milk being distributed to accommodate distribution sites that are providing more than one meal at a time. 

Our partner GENYOUth announced a  grant opportunity  last week for up to $3,000 per school to supply much-needed resources for meal distribution and delivery efforts to get food to students during COVID-19. Almost 400 schools in New England have already submitted applications. New England Dairy is exploring how we can bring in additional funding from local foundations to expand our grant support to schools. 
Are you active in your community? Partnering with a hunger relief organization? Let us know so we can share positive stories of dairy farmers supporting their communities with the media.
Farmers Cricket Jacquier and Amanda Freund explain the current situation facing dairy farmers.

Bob Pearson of Elmhurst Dairy, Fran Gibson of Gibson’s Dairy, and Marjorie Cooper of Cooper’s Hilltop Dairy (Massachusetts farmers) share their stories about the wave of home deliveries during the pandemic.

CT Farmer owned Farmer's Cow is making meal deliveries throughout the state.
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