New England Dairy Awarded $50,000

We are happy to report that we have received funding from two local foundations, bringing in a total of $50,000 to support emergency school feeding programs in New Hampshire and in Worcester County (MA). Our staff is working to get these dollars to local schools as soon as possible to ensure that kids are receiving nourishing meals that include milk and dairy even though schools are not in session. Thanks to dairy farmer support for school nutrition programs in New England, New England Dairy is recognized as a reliable partner for other nonprofits and foundations that value what these programs provide to our local communities.
Connecting Dairy Partners to the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) “Food Box” Opportunity 

As part of the CFAP, USDA will purchase and distribute up to $3B of agricultural products to those in need via food boxes. Dairy can be part of these food boxes, but our processors and partners need to apply to either distribute food boxes or partner with others who will. Our staff reached out to our regional processors and partners to identify and connect interested parties to ensure that New England dairy products are distributed through this program. At this time, we can confirm that Hood and New England Ice Cream are submitting proposals to the USDA. 
Continued Support of
School Meals

Our staff continue to work with schools and partners to ensure that milk is served safely with school meals. To date we have invested over $60,000 to provide over 1,500 portable coolers to 86 districts across New England.

Additionally, GENYOUth has awarded $42,000 in grants to 21 schools in New England to support emergency feeding programs. This funding comes from GENYOUth’s COVID19 School Nutrition Emergency Fund.
US Dairy Export Council (USDEC) Continues to Move Dairy

USDEC staff are working on behalf of dairy farmers to keep international markets open and assist in moving exports wherever possible. They are closely monitoring trade discussions and international markets as they begin to reopen.

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