The New England Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) is pleased to announce the 8th cohort of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) for addiction professionals from across the continuum of care. This program will focus on key leadership skills using a range of learning methods designed to increase your effectiveness immediately.

This program includes the use of an intact learning community that includes participants from all aspects of care: prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery. The learning community will be as diverse as possible to represent the profession and those served.

We are pleased to offer the 8th cohort as a Hybrid program, which has been carefully designed to balance the traditional in-person (F2F) training model with the virtual format thus maintaining the interactive curriculum that is crucial to leadership development and accommodating the needs and challenges we all face in the current global crisis. At the moment the proposed in-person location is in Concord, NH.

  • Address the on-going need for effective individual leadership skill development and increasing the addiction profession’s leadership capacity.
  • Provide a learning experience that will ‘accelerate’ leadership development to complement work experience.

Developing effective leaders is of particular importance as the profession faces the overdose crisis, a changing behavioral healthcare landscape, and the impending retirement of many "baby boom" generation leaders.

The LDP is for emerging leaders from the addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery profession in New England as well as behavioral health, criminal justice, and other healthcare professionals. Criteria that define an emerging leader for this program include:

  • Current (or previous) work experience in a supervisory or managerial capacity or role; this experience need not be exclusively in the addiction profession. Applicants without prior supervisory experience may be considered if they demonstrate exceptional qualities and potential for leadership roles.
  • Operational management skills that include employee supervision, goal setting, budgeting, and/or managing financial resources.
  • Have been identified as possessing exceptional leadership potential by others within the profession.
Application Deadline is August 26, 2022

This training has been approved by the New England Addiction Technology Transfer Center, as a National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) Approved Education Provider, for a maximum of 58 educational credits (CE), NAADAC Provider #62652. This training has also been approved by the Connecticut Certification Board for a maximum of 58 continuing education credits (The CCB is an IC&RC affiliate). Participants will need to complete all modules and assignments in order to receive full CE credits.

Application Criteria / Education / Work Experience:
The LDP is a program that requires all participants to be prepared to take full advantage of the learning experience this program provides. This includes leadership content and perspectives and experiences each participant brings to the learning community. This presumes each participant has a baseline of education and work experience as well as the desire to reflect on their own leadership developmental needs.

All applicants need to show a combination of education and work experience that provides the foundation for further leadership development. Work experience must include a minimum of 2-5 years indirectly supervising others. Roles to include supervisor, manager, or project leader. Supervision of others may include supervision of volunteers in addition to paid staff.

Education to include some formal training in managerial or supervisory skills. This requirement can be met through Continuing education certificates, adult learning programs, or University level education including Associate, Bachelor's, or Master’s degree education in management, supervision, or related profession. In some situations, extensive work experience in managerial roles may be substituted for formal education or training.

Note: There will be additional prep time before each module. All dates and times are subject to change. The proposed start time for F2F sessions is 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM for virtual sessions. Participants are required to have reliable access to the internet and a PC, Mac, mobile device, or smartphone with a webcam. To access participant resources you will need a valid Gmail account. The virtual platform will be Zoom Meeting. Acceptance to this program is subject to a selection process based on intended audience objectives, programs requirements, and is not guaranteed.

A major portion of the program cost will be covered by the New England Addiction Transfer Technology Center (ATTC) and the Prevention Technology Transfer Center (PTTC). The participant fee, which will cover the remaining balance of the program cost, ranges between $800 and $1300 per participant. Participant fees will comprise of an investment by each program participant and/or each sponsoring organization. The full cost of the program is based on the tuition for the program and lodging needs at all face-to-face retreats. Pricing may vary, based on needs, from $800-$1300 (inclusive of the ATTC/PTTC covering 65% of the overall tuition/fees). The participant fee stated here is only for Region 1 (New England) applicants. Outside of the New England region, applicants will be responsible for all program costs.

Peter is the lead developer of the LDP and an expert in leadership development. Since 1988, Peter has worked as an expert organizational consultant with senior managers, management and work teams, committees and work groups to help them achieve the results they want.

Lori is the Deputy Commissioner at the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) with a strong focus on training and leadership development across all levels. Drawing upon 29 years of leadership roles, Lori has demonstrated expertise and success in achieving shared organizational goals and objectives.

Haner is originally from Puerto Rico, is bilingual and is an expert trainer with over 30 years in the health and human service field developing, implementing, and evaluating culturally and linguistically competent youth and adult health prevention, intervention, and recovery support programs.
TA Level: Intensive Technical Assistance
Application Deadline is August 26, 2022