Sarge Boot Camp
Personal Message from Tom: The last few months, and especially the 2 weeks or so have been extremely stressful on so many people. Everything we see and hear on social media, the news and even from family and friends is almost beyond comprehension. Emotions have reached a pinnacle and deservedly so.

How could you blame anyone who just wants to stay in bed all day instead of getting up and facing what this world is offering right now. However, most of us are able to get up and continue to face the day. It takes an inner strength to do this and this inner strength makes us capable of doing far more than we might think.

This past weekend, we celebrated the 78th anniversary of D-day. I often think about the inner strength it took to storm the beaches that day. These American's knew that it was just the beginning of an extremely hard, damn near impossible, task of changing the world inch by inch.

Fast forward to 2020, and there are people today who need to count on their inner strength just to get out of bed because of what they need to deal with each and every day. Sometimes it is because of the choices they have made but other times it is due to the choices that others make towards them.

Inner strength is cultivated by dealing with adversity.

Exercise is one way to develop more inner strength. Each time you want to quit but continue anyway, you cultivate your inner strength. By doing so, you not only get stronger physically, but you become stronger mentally as well. When you become stronger mentally, you can deal with so much more of what the world has to throw you way. Exercise has always been part of who I am. I've had my share of rough times and I know what exercise has been for me so I have never felt comfortable being away from it for very long.

Sarge Fitness is about providing you what you need to get through your day, everyday.

Many fitness businesses have suffered a great deal through this epidemic and many have had to close their doors forever. Sarge, on the other hand, has continued to make a difference by quickly switching from strictly in-person classes to strictly online classes basically overnight. We lent our equipment out to clients (for free) so they could participate online. We offered absolutely free online fitness classes to anyone who needed them. We learned how to use ZOOM and Facebook LIVE and we re-wrote our class to make sure everyone could follow along at home with minimal equipment and space.

Now that the country is starting the transition away from social distancing, many people have requested that Sarge continues an online presence and that is something we intend to do.

Our outdoor classes in Arlington, Alexandria, Washington DC and Bethesda MD have already transitioned back outside! You can start with any of those classes tomorrow by signing up here .

At the Sterling Boot Camp Studio we are operating classes indoors, outdoors and online all the the exact same time. We open the garage bay doors and the trainer stands inside the door and teaches the class to inside clients as well as outdoor clients as well as to those online!

With the new online capability we are now able to offer a larger menu of enrollment options. All new members require a 3 month minimum commitment and all current clients have the ability to change their current enrollment to include virtual and on-demand classes.

The goal of this email is for you to choose your new type of membership with Sarge Fitness.

  • We, in most cases, lowered your regular monthly membership.
  • In some cases we did increase a small amount. This increase usually hits our longest term clients who haven't have a raise in their rates in several years.
  • All memberships are now month to month - except new members which require a 3 month minimum commitment (then switches to month to month).
  • There are no long-term commitments!
  • We still honor family discounts ($65/month for extra family members).
  • We now offer several online/virtual options.
  • ZOOM: for video interaction between you and the trainer
  • ON-DEMAND: pre-recorded videos you can access at anytime
  • PLAYLIST: YouTube videos that you own forever

Current members should use this form found here to change their current enrollment plan. This form will help us ensure you do not duplicate your account and end up being billed twice!

Additionally, we have created two new YouTube playlists for those who just want pre-recorded videos to workout at a time and location that works best for them. We have a new set of 24 x 1-hour long videos and a set of 24 x 30 min videos for those who want a intense workout but need a shorter but focused workout due to time constraints. Here is your last chance to try the original set of 1-hour videos.

Thank you for sticking with Sarge Fitness! We know you have a lot of options out there and we greatly appreciate you as a client. The kind words we have received over the last few months have greatly encouraged us to continue to work to help you build your inner strength and endure the hardships created by these trying times.