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July 2020 Continuing Education News

In this issue:
  • Free webinars
  • Online courses for academic credit
  • Teaching unpacked: stories from the classroom webcast
  • Change leadership series
  • Creative writing workshops
  • Mindfulness and wellness series
  • Meet the candidates for Washington state
Online Courses for Academic Credit

Selected Summer Courses

  • School Law, Ethics & Human Resources, online, 3-cr, starts 7/14
  • Critical Skills Classroom Immersion, online, 3-cr. starts 7/6
  • Four Priorities of a Trauma Informed Approach, online, 1-cr, starts 7/20

Selected Fall Courses - registration now open!

Couples and Family Therapy
  • Foundational Theories of Couples and Family Therapy, CFT-6420, 3-cr, online
  • Professional Orientation & Ethics, COUN-6032, 3-cr. Online
  • Race, Intersectionality and Veganism, ED-6500, 3-cr. online
  • Real World Sustainability, EDP-6160, 3-cr online starting 8/30
  • Landscape Analysis and Design for Nature Play and Learning, EDT-5100 1-cr. Online
  • Intro to Humane Education, ED-5010, 3-cr. Online
  • Principles of STEAM, EDC-6871, 3-cr, online
  • Becoming a Trauma Informed Educator, EDU-5010, 3-cr. onlne
  • Many more

Environmental Studies
  • Facilitating Organizations Towards Sustainable Practices, ESPE-5605, 1-cr. online
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Intro., ES-5100, 3-cr online.
  • Climate Change Education and Communication, ESE-5480, 3-cr, online
  • Many more
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Now offering online courses to be taken on an individual basis for academic credit. Great if you want to try-us-out, or are not yet ready to commit to an academic program.

  • Media for Social Change, Comm-4800-3/4, 3-cr. Online, Media, Politics, and Social Change explores how communities have been successful in creating media that changes the public discourse. Starts July 6th Learn more.

  • Capturing Stories: COVID-19, Comm-4800-13/14, 3-cr. Online Capturing Stories invites students to collect personal stories of the pandemic from their own lives and in the communities where they live. Starts July 8th Learn more.

  • Improving Adult Education Through Assessment, EDUC-6740-AED, 4-cr, Online, Students will learn how to examine existing programs and create effective and supportive education programs through assessment and evaluation techniques. Starts July 7th. Learn more.
Teaching Unpacked: Stories from the Classroom
with Allison Robinson
Webinar July 17, 2:00 (ET)/11:00 (PT), FREE

What does it mean to be a facilitator in the classroom, and how can the CSC help you do it better? Learn more and register.
with Alex Shevrin Venet
Webinar, Friday, July 31, 2:00 pm (ET)/ 11:00 am (PT), FREE
How can we make sure that our Critical Skills Classrooms are trauma informed?
Creative Writing
4 Week Online Class, July 6 - Aug. 2, $199
What is a picture book? How is a successful picture book crafted? Through video lectures, including the reading and analysis of 16 contemporary picture books, these questions and more will be answered. Additionally, each student will 1) submit a picture book manuscript up to 1,000 words for detailed line and global notes and 2) create a storyboard and book dummy for their manuscript.

with Robert Morgan Fisher
2 Week Online Class, July 13- 26, $99
How to maximize retention. Reading multiple books at one time. How to manage challenging or even tedious books. How to read critically in order to objectively articulate concept and technique. The importance of documenting your reading.

with Kate Maruyama
2 Week Online Class, July 13- 26, / $99
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Every time we run this class, students get published!
You can write and write and get better, but unless you submit your work widely, it might never meet its readers. Submitting your work takes courage, persistence and know-how. So many people give up after one or two rejections. Learn how to effectively submit your fiction, non-fiction, poetry and articles to literary journals, online journals and other publications.

2 Week Online Class, July 20 - Aug 2 / $99
So you’ve been published and asked to do a promotional reading at a book store or on a radio show. Or maybe you’ve seen some of the new online publications/contests asking for “audio” and you’re asking: How can I get in on that? It’s actually a lot easier than you might think. And in today’s publishing world, it’s very important to be able to step up and read your work—either in a live public forum or online.
Middle aged woman with red hair and blue eyes.
with Rochelle Newman- Carrasco
4 Week Online Writing Class, Aug. 3 - 30 / $199
"The trouble with me is that I like it when somebody digresses. It’s more interesting and all."
- Holden Caufield, Catcher in the Rye
Digression, meaning “to step away,” has been described by Nietzsche as a “sign of health.” In a literary context, however, the act of stepping away from the central story is often interpreted negatively -- accidental at best, indulgent at worst. Enter Covid19. Digression and its sister escapism have never felt healthier. Now, more than ever, our Shelter In Place quarantine claustrophobia has us begging for departures to be reframed -- -- Yesterday’s shiny object dalliance is today’s soul-searching deep dive.
Mindfulness and Wellness
Photo of Diane V. Capaldi hoolding an iced drink.
LIVE Webinar, Thursday July 9, 2:00 pm (ET), 11:00 am (PT) $39

This is a deep-dive 2-hour webinar with  Diane V. Capaldi . Essential oils have been used since 3000 BC and the Egyptians created with originally teaching us their power. From sensory pleasure to supporting your wellness program essential oils offer year-round support that will benefit your body, mind and spirit in addition to supporting your environment.

The Art of Minimalism   Saturday August 15, 2020
The Healing Power of Angels   Thursday September 3, 2020
Psychology of Healing Workshop  Saturday September 12, 2020
Change Leadership
Chris Aesoph has been presenting seminars for over 20 years, with sessions known for insight and unexpected humor. In the past, he was a cowboy, a newspaper journalist, a family therapist, and a motivational speaker. Chris is a Graduate of Antioch University Seattle.
Chris Aesoph a white middle-age man leaning against tree trunk
30 Minute Webinar / FREE
Wednesday July 15, 12:30 pm (ET) / 9:30 am (PT)

90 Minute Webinar / FREE
Wednesday July 22, 12:30 pm (ET) / 9:30 am (PT)

30 Minute Webinar / FREE
Wednesday July 29, 12:30 pm (ET) / 9:30 am (PT)

90 minute Webinar / FREE
Wednesday August 5, 12:30 pm (ET) / 9:30 am (PT)
Local Events
July 16, 5:30 pm (PT) FREE
A live, meet the candidate event for Washington State! We’ll learn about the importance of a county commissioner and hear from candidates. Live Q & A, register to vote, and special guests. More Information