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A little over a week ago you received an email about Underrepresented Cadet Aero Networking (UCAN). This email is a condensed version of the original email. A link to the original can be found below for your convenience.

We are following up with you today because we noticed many cadets from your squadron have not applied for this opportunity. This fully funded activity will send cadets to one of the 3 professional opportunities found below. The goal of UCAN is to get cadets to see their future selves with the people they meet at these conferences. So far only 84 cadets have applied for this initiative. Our hope is that you might convince some of your cadets to take a second look at what this program has to offer and consider applying. We realize this is not for everyone, but with your direct involvement you may have the chance to give someone an amazing adventure into a professional field. Please encourage your cadets to act soon. On November 12th the application period will end and we will immediately move to the selection process.

Thank you for your time, and please reach out to us with your questions and concerns.

-The National Cadet Team

Original Email

About Underrepresented Cadet Aero Networking (UCAN)

Eligibility Requirements


Cadets 16 years or older of any rank are encouraged to apply.

3 Professional Opportunities

Women in Aviation Conference

National Society of Black Engineers Conference

National Diversity in STEM Conference

3/21/2024 - 3/23/2024

(travel days: 3/20,3/24)

3/20/2024 - 3/24/2024

(travel days: 3/19,3/25)

Date for 2024 TBD

(Oct 2024)



Location for 2024 TBD

Women in Aviation Flier
National Society of Black Engineers Flier
National Diversity in STEM (2023 Flier)

How to Take Part

  • Check out the UCAN homepage for updates and announcements.

  • Share this general announcement, include as an announcement at local squadron meetings.
UCAN Homepage
  • Cadets interested in participating in the program can complete the quick application form found on the homepage. Registration closes on November 12th.
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For More Information

AJ Flateau

Program Manager, RDI

[email protected]

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