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New, Exciting Research, Consortium Insights, & Major Media News
Dear Friends of PANDAS Network,

The coordinated efforts between parents and the PANDAS/PANS Consortium has resulted in many positive actions! The Special Edition JCAP will be published this month, media attention is growing-including a number of radio spots and upcoming national news stories, and the physician-oriented PANDAS Physicians Network launched.

In order to further this joint effort, I was honored to attend a Consortium call. It became clear that WE THE PARENTS have to take the importance of our role very seriously. We don't have a medical system that enforces treatment protocols or currently informs physicians about PANDAS/PANS. After medical school, doctors aren't required to learn more about new illnesses nor do they have instant access to new research, especially if they are sole practitioners. For these reasons, it is apparent...
If we want change, we have to promote the research!

Your donation dollars are helping us bring research to the frontline by allowing us to sponsor the Brown University Conference this March and purchase 300 copies of JCAP to be sent to doctors both in the United States and internationally. Thank you for being our partner in these endeavors!!!

Let's keep fighting for recognition of our children,

Diana Pohlman, Executive Director, PANDAS Network
WILLIAMSKey Research: Post-Infectious Autoimmune Disorders
JCAPFour New JCAP Publications Now Online
Williams/Swedo Research

Dr. Kyle Willams and Dr. Susan Swedo collaborate on an essential research paper that discusses a likely a genetically based "faulty reaction" to strep, PANDAS/PANS treatments, and more.


Positive treatment outcomes and more are the focus of the new research posted online for the highly anticipated Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology special edition!

CONSORTIUMInsight Into the Medical

CANADACanadian Awareness Grows with Major Media News Story
Consortium Calls

The PANDAS Network Executive Director had the privilege of being invited to sit on the most recent Consortium Call. Learn some insights into what is being discussed and how the Consortium Team continues to work together.


Canada's highly rated and respected CTV News visits families to learn about the difficult barriers PANDAS/PANS families are facing with the medical establishment in Canada. For many Canadians, this will be their first introduction to PANDAS and PANS.

On December 31, 2014, each of you helped make a world of difference.With matching funds from the Burrow Family Foundation, our one-day Fundly Campaign raised nearly $17,000 for PANDAS Network!

For every family fighting to get their child better,for everyone touched by PANDAS,and for the doctors and specialists not yet aware of this illness, your contribution counts.

The LeDoux Family, the Smith Family and PANDAS Network would like to thank our donors for their generous contributions.