Survey results are in. We read, contemplated, and see the first of our responses to YOU at the bottom of this email . . .
Newest, freshest fabrics!
How Do You Do? by Keiko Goke for FreeSpirit Fabrics. Keiko is a Japanese artist who has been designing and making quilts since the 1970s. This collection features designs called "poppy', 'railroad ties', "sashiko" and "dot parade" - all fun, whimsical and full of improv.

Jeggings knits by L'Oiseau fabrics - 4 way stretch, cotton/poly/spandex blend - beautiful to the touch as well as to the eyes!
Cantik Batiks
Shipped from BC, Canada, these beautiful batiks are unique and more lovely in person than the pictures!

Ordered at Quilt Market Houston in Fall 2018, we've been waiting eagerly for them to arrive. They're now here!

Harmony With Nature

Harmony with Nature lives up to its name. Each design in this collection is a reminder of nature’s simple beauty. From gold metallic accents to more intricate floral details, Norman Wyatt’s line brings elegance to any project.

You can help!

Women To Be charity sewing group is collecting underwear for girls and young women to add to the sustainable feminine care products kits we make and assemble; we need new 100% COTTON briefs or hipsters in girls sizes 10- 14 and/or women’s size 5 in colorful prints.

These kits are to be delivered to the girls and young women of the Tarahumara/Rarimuri in Copper Canyon, Mexico at the end of April.

Also collecting new Freezer type ZipLock brand bags (without the slider unit) and new plain washcloths for the kits. We are incredibly grateful for any donations!

Deliver to Hip Stitch, Attn: Catherine 
Quilting Help
A monthly offering for you to come get help on whatever stage of your quilt you may need some hand-holding!
Saturday, Feb. 9, 1:30-4
Register HERE for this group.
Linen Stitch Knitting Technique
This interesting stitch makes a surface that looks a lot like woven fabric. Linen stitch is created by slipping stitches differently on the front and back of your work. Learn how this fun stitch can make beautiful variegated yarns even more stunning. There is an adaptation that can be done in the round, half-linen stitch. This firm fabric can be used for scarves (a good place to start), bands in hats, and other places to create interest in your knitting. 
Sunday, Feb. 10, 12:30-3
Register HERE for this class
Luggage Rider Carry-On
Are you tired of your extra carry-on falling off your rolling bag as you sashay through the airport? It will happen no more with the Luggage Rider! Pick out your favorite traveling fabric and let's get making! Lorna says its easy!
Monday, Feb. 11, 9:30-4
Register HERE for this class.
Create Your Own Collage with guest teacher Gail Shannon
Your imagination will shine as you CREATE YOUR OWN collage with the SUBJECT you want. Collage is a great medium that allows your true artist to be revealed. We always have fun with Gail and she can hardly wait to see your great results! Cat, dog, cat, bird, cat, person or cat….what will it be? Join in and see what all of us are doing!  Your collage makes a great gift!
Register HERE for this fun class.
Survey says.....

This was TOUGH!

We'd read a comment that wanted us to carry more fabric, then come across another where you missed our old little store, where we couldn't fit in more fabric.

We read where you felt our fabrics were too expensive, we read where you understood that to pay for high quality fabric, you had to pay more than at Joann's or Walmart . . .

*Some of you want more sales. Here's how to work our discounts and sales:
Twice a year, we have a multi-week, inventory clearance sale. Fabrics are marked down weekly, we clear out about 300 bolts, and at the end, fabrics are as low as $1.99 yd.

We have a frequent shopper program, where you earn $20 for every $200 you spend. It's our way of encouraging you to come again and again!

Are you a member of a guild? You should have received emails from us by now about our new "guild builder' program including special nights throughout the year open to guilds only and offering big discounts -- check with your guild officers if you haven't heard.

We also maintain a clearance rack with discounted fabrics and skinny bolts -- bargains that are on-going.

Make sure to check your email, too. If the big box stores can drop 40, 50 or 60 percent discount coupons, so can we.

Many survey respondents expressed an interest in developing their garment sewing skills and wanted Hip Stitch to carry more clothing fabric.

Here's what we're doing for you:
We currently have a garment section that includes knits, linens, double gauze, rayon & lawn, and many garment sewing patterns.

We've recently pulled together the garment fabrics and patterns in order to create a unified department for garment sewists.

We now offer a monthly garment night, where you can bring whatever garment project you're working on and sew in the company of others while getting guidance along the way from Julie or Suzanne, two teachers who have a passion for garments!

We've opened new accounts with two garment fabric wholesale companies in Canada, and have ordered beautiful new knit fabrics.

In short: We listen to you!

Watch for more on the survey results in upcoming newsletters.

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