New Faces at PFS TECO
All growing companies experience staff turnover; PFS TECO is no different. Combine a number of well-deserved retirements with a need to staff for growth and it means we have new faces in the office. You may have already met or interacted with one of them but if not, here's an introduction to five, with more to come.

Our new employees bring a variety of experiences and talents to the job that are already paying dividends. Included with each is their email so feel free to reach out, to say "congratulations," "look forward to working with you," or just ask them to elaborate on a hobby or interest.

As one of the "elders" here, I am excited about the fresh ideas and energy this group brings to what we do. I hope you are too.

CEO / President
Ian Lehrer, PE
Technical Director
Manufactured Structures Division

Ian was hired last August as the Technical Director of the Manufactured Structures Division. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin–Platteville and is a licensed professional engineer registered in ten states, including New York, Florida, Texas, and California. He has attained 25 commercial and residential certifications for building inspector and plans examiner from the International Codes Council, and has over 8 years of experience as a senior staff engineer in the energy, utilities and facilities, and environmental sectors.
In his new position, Ian is responsible for the approval of modular and manufactured homes client engineering plans and structural calculations for compliance to the codes and standards. His other duties and responsibilities include Energy-Star inspection for modular and manufactured homes clients, assisting the DAPIA Administrator on written responses to HUD on design review issues, and reviewing Florida product approval and alternate material approval reports for clients.
Ian and his wife Ashley have four children, all under the age of six. They enjoy spending time with their children, camping with family and friends, swimming, hanging around airplanes and cars, and helping with gymnastics meets.

Michaela Harms
Building Products Engineer
Building Products Division

Michaela joined our Building Products Division staff in October, following work as the R&D Programs Manager for WholeTrees Structures in Madison, WI. Her prior work focused on inventory management practices, product development, manufacturing efficiencies and BIM innovation to scale mass timber technologies. She graduated from Metropolia UAS in Helsinki, Finland with her BS in Civil Engineering focused on Sustainable Building Engineering.
Michaela works directly with clients in the EWP group, particularly with mass timber product manufacturers producing CLT, glulam, and LVL. She is an avid backwoods explorer and is an active mentor with the WiSE (Woman in Science and Engineering) program at UW-Madison. 
Cory Ellinger
Quality Auditor
Manufactured Structures Division

Cory works as a PFS Quality Auditor in the Indiana region for manufactured homes clients. He attended the Indiana State College in Terre Haute, IN, and has experience in CNC mill practices, time management, and blueprint reading.
Cory and his wife Renee live in Etna Green, Indiana with their three children. When not auditing, Cory enjoys woodworking projects, camping, and coaching little league, and both he and Renee are active in their local church.

Diego Rodrigues de Oliveira
Panel Products Specialist
Building Products Division

As a member of the Panel Products group, Diego works to support the needs of structural plywood clients and also panel manufacturers who require certification to the EPA and CARB formaldehyde emission regulations. He works closely with clients in South America because of his communication skills, as he is a native of Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Diego has a BS in Industrial Timber Engineering from Sao Paulo State University (Brazil) and an MS in Wood Science and Engineering from Oregon State University. He graduated with honors and received a number of awards for his academic achievements and contributions to sustainable development practices in unprivileged areas of Brazil. Diego enjoys spending time outdoors and discovering new places and cultures.

John Baker
Plans Examiner
Manufactured Structures Division

John is a new member of the NE region staff as residential and commercial plans examiner, servicing clients throughout the northeast. John is well-versed in residential and commercial modular plan review with over 25 years of experience, designing complex projects for major modular manufacturers. He is a graduate of Columbia–Montour Area Vocational Technical School in Bloomsburg, PA, and he has attained Green Advantage commercial certification.

With his background as a Director of Engineering, Quality Control and construction systems, he is well-prepared to provide a quality assessment in plan evaluation to verify code compliance.

 Baseball Bats Are Wood Products
 Congratulations to Major League Baseball on celebrating 150 years of pro baseball. 

Baseball bats have been an important tool for players throughout the history of MLB. Since 1869, bats have evolved in shape, wood species, as well as length and weight. Gone are the days of Babe Ruth using a 36 inch – 38 ounce hickory bat. Today’s players mostly use hard maple bats around 34 inches - 31.5 ounces. 

PFS TECO has helped MLB and the MLB Players Association over the last 11 years to implement the Baseball Bat Program. The program’s goal is to reduce the number of multiple-piece bat failures (MPFs) through supplier training and bat inspections. MPFs are down nearly 80% since the 2008 season, and the program’s current focus is to maintain or slightly improve this success into future seasons. 

 Quotes and Thoughts
"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." 
-- Phil Jackson --
(1945 - ) American basketball player, coach, and executive
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