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New Feature! Route Cloning  
We are always hard at work to find new ways to save admins time when it comes to route planning. This new feature is sure to be a hit, particularly during holiday or vacation periods when courier schedules need to be changed slightly to accommodate short-term fluctuations in the daily schedule.

The Route Cloning feature allows admins to make additions and deletions to an existing schedule without having to create an entirely new route each time. With the ability to make slight changes, admins can shave hours off scheduling time, and they can dictate when the route plan goes out to couriers.
Making Your Move to 4G
4G isn’t a new technology, in fact, it’s been around for nearly a decade, and 3G has been a mainstay simply because the devices we’ve been operating on 3G networks are still working! However, this 3G streak is coming to its final stages. We’ve been communicating this message for about a year now, but in case you’re just tuning in, here are the details:

  • Verizon has already announced end-of-life on support for 3G devices as of Dec 31, 2019. And is no longer activating new 3G devices.
  • In June, AT&T stopped certifying new 3G devices, and plans to shut down their 3G networks in February 2022. 

What Does This Mean?

It means 4G migration is imminent! And it’s not simply a flip of a switch, so you’ll want to put a strategy together to minimize business interruption. Luckily, leading manufacturers already have 4G devices on the market operating on Android platforms, which prepares you for the Windows CE and Windows Embedded Handheld end of support term that Microsoft has announced.

There’s a lot to plan for and think about, which is why we are sending you this information! We are well versed in handling the migration of mobile devices and we’re ready to help you perform a successful migration.

Get the ball rolling by having a conversation with one of our technical engineers today and we can walk you the steps you need to take.
The Advantage of Cloud Connectivity
In addition to the cap-ex and op-ex savings associated with cloud connectivity, it’s also a big time-saver for your IT resource with maintenance, storage and back-ups being handled by a highly secure, off-site data center. This also translates into more up-time for your business overall.  

The convenience and security of cloud is what makes MCE such a great tool.  
How secure is your cloud-based data?

With the varying needs of businesses today, and the amount of data being processed daily, many organizations are using cloud-based applications that use data centers, or even looking to data centers as an extension of their business for their IT...

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