November 2018 FlexMLS Feature Updates

The following features have be added to FlexMLS Web:
Identify and Fix Invalid Email Addresses  
Make sure your Contacts are receiving your emails! Something as simple as a typo when entering a Contact's email address can make it impossible for them to get listing updates from you. Identifying and updating invalid email addresses can now be done from the Contact Management screen in FlexMLS Web. 
When you send emails to Contacts from FlexMLS (manual emails or subscription emails), the system verifies that the recipient's email address is valid before sending the email. If the email address is deemed invalid for any reason, it will be flagged as an invalid, non-working email address.

When you go to the Contact Management page, a banner at the top of the page alerts you if you have any Contacts with invalid email addresses. Click the View Email Addresses button to review the invalid email addresses.
A pop-up displays your Contacts with invalid email addresses, and gives you options to Edit or Remove the email address. Please note, a Primary email address can only be edited, not removed. 

Click Edit to enter the correct email address for a contact, then click Save

Status will Display on Quick Launch

The Quick Launch now displays a listing's status when displaying search results. This can be useful if a listing has been on the market previously--it allows you to identify active listings immediately, so you know a listing's status before you open it.

The Quick Launch is multi-purpose search bar located at the top of most screens in FlexMLS. You can use it to access recent searches, search various areas of FlexMLS, and create basic listing searches. When you use the Quick Launch bar to search by address or MLS #, a listing's status will display. 

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