A very tasty menu awaits!

We're very pleased to announce the following major new features for Weave. 

Creating Frameworks From Forums - Sometimes the best way to create a custom framework is to start with one of the pre-configured Weave frameworks, edit to to meet your needs, and then use it as a forum. For example, consider a Scrum Product Owner working on their product roadmap. Using our new "Save Forum As New Framework" or "Edit Forum As New Framework" capabilties, any Weaver can create a new framework from an existing forum, making designing new frameworks a breeze.  

Framework Info for Forums - Sometimes Weavers want the ability to start a new forum from an existing framework or learn more about the framework used for a collaboration event. The forum context menu now has a "View Framework Info" item to make to this super easy.

Certification Credit Transfer - Many Weavers have multiple valid accounts with certification credits tied to each one. For example, I use two accounts in Weave: a professional account for client work and a separate account for when I'm teaching classes. This helps me make sure I'm separating my work properly. However, I want all of my experience credits to accumulate to just one account.
     The dev team has come to the rescue! Weavers 
can now consolidate their credits using the "Transfer Credits from another Account" action available on the Certification Status page.  An email receipt is sent to both accounts involved in the transfer.
     This capability is also handy when moving from one job to another - because while your employer may own the data in your account, you own your experience as a Weaver. 

Manage Profiles - If you have multiple accounts you have multiple profiles. That's not helpful! We've extended the profile information page so that can choose which of your profiles you would like to display.

Thanks to our intrepid dev team for knocking these  improvements out of the park!!

And stay tuned for more awesome improvements coming soon.