New Fiber Box System from Erzia

The ERZ-FIBERBOX is a RF over Fiber system that provides a low-loss communication link between Above Deck Equipment (ADE) and Below Deck Equipment (BDE).

The Fiber Box system is composed of ADE and BDE units that are connected with a single mode fiber link. The full-duplex communication between ADE and BDE is obtained by using wavelength division multiplexing (WDM). To convert RF signals into optical domain, each unit of the Fiber Box system includes an RF to optical transceiver.

The below figure shows the Transmission and Reception paths between the modem placed below deck and the antenna.

  • Frequency Range:  22kHz to 2150MHz.
  • FSK Modem to Multiplex the System Information (monitoring and control).
  • Friendly User Interfaces: BDE front panel, Serial User Interface, Web based GUI.  Typical applications:
    • Industrial/Laboratory
    • Satcom/Telecom.  
Interface of BDE Unit of Fiber Box System

Interface of ADE Unit of Fiber Box System

Main Features

The main feature of the Fiber Box system is to provide RF connectivity between ADE and BDE. In  addition the Fiber Box system provides monitoring information and remote control of the power  sent to the antenna at the ADE output.

In order to provide monitoring information the Fiber Box system includes a set of alarms  presented in the Fiber Box User interfaces (BDE front panel, serial port and Graphic User  Interface via Ethernet).

In addition to the alarms, the Fiber Box system allows remote control of the power transmitted  from the ADE to the BUC. This is done by adjusting an 31dB attenuator at ADE output when  using the serial interface or the Graphic User Interface via Ethernet, using any Internet browser.
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