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Langtons International Agency is one of New York's most successful literary management agencies specializing in non-fiction: including memoir, true crime, biography, and b usiness.

E xceptionally well written literary and commercial fiction: including mystery, thrillers, and women's fiction. 
We recently added film and television scripts to our offering. 

Notable releases include Trumbo by Bruce Cook (Grand Central Publishing, September 8, 2015) to coincide with the movie release, starring Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, and Helen Mirren.

Art in the Blood by Bonnie MacBird, (HarperCollins UK, September 2015) first of a trilogy of Sherlock Holmes adventures. Sold to 17 countries, bestseller in 5.

Dancing on Her Grave
 by Diane Montane and Carolina Sarassa, true crime (Berkley, April 2015) Discovery Channel, and Lifetime Movies (October 22, 2016).

2016 saw 15 books sold to commercial publishers. 7 of these used our editing service

2017 is proving to be another successful year with 
26 books sold to date this year. 

Our memoir division is gaining momentum.

Contact us today to start your journey towards becoming a published author or screen and television writer. 

From an idea to a success!    
  Dec. 1, 2017
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Langtons International Ageny Launches a Film and Television Division 

After the great success of Trumbo by Bruce Cook (Grand Central 2015) which sold to 5 countries and was turned into the m ovie starring Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane and Helen Mirren, and the success of Dancing on Her Grave by Diana Montane and Carolina Sarassa the movie, "Death of a Vegas Showgirl" on LifeTime, we have launched a new division for film and television. We have taken on a number of very talented writers, directors and producers including:

Nick Westfall award-winning screenwriter, director and producer

Nick Westfall joined the agency in 2016. He is the prolific and incredibly talented screenwriter and director of the movie  which was shown  to sell out film festivals and is available on Amazon and other major streaming distributors. His second inspirational movie, 8 Slices The Movie, will be filmed in North Carolina  early in the new year together with his charming and talented wife, Amber Adams as producer. Linda will also have the pleasure of working together with this accomplished pair as a producer on 8 Slices. Nick also directs music videos and specializes in creatively turning books into film scripts. 

Robert Parker 
author and screenwriter

The very talented author, Robert Parker started his writing career with an MFA in screenwriting and his best-selling book, A Wanted Man   published by Endeavour Press which saw sales of 5,000 copies in the first month, has been turned into a three season, eight episode television series for  premium streaming television networks such as Netflix and Hulu. This gritty and timely series is perfect for today's market.  His latest book, Crook's Hollow  will be published by Black Rose Writing in March 2018, has already had interest from an international film company. 

Ann Margaret Carozza  
author, reality television host and producer
Ann-Margaret Carrozza is author of Love and Money, and is a practicing wealth and estate-planning attorney who served as a New York State assembly woman for fourteen years. She is regularly featured as an expert legal contributor on television shows such as ET, Extra, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, FoxBusiness, The Doctors, and Dr. Phil.  Ann-Margaret is the now the popular host of the reality television show on CBS based on her book,  Love and Money  published  by Allworth Press (2017)

Matt George writer and actor 

Matt George is an actor and writer, known for In God's Hands (1998), Hellraiser: Inferno (2000) and Women of the Night (2001). He also wrote episodes for the NBC series, Wind on Water and starred in and co-wrote episodes of Showtime's Red Shoe Diaries Matt is an internationally known surfer and currently edits a popular surfing magazine.  His latest screenplay, Soul Alley  is based on the inspiring true story, of an African-American fighter pilot's journey during his station in the Philippines post Vietnam War and what happened to the American women and children of the fighting pilot personnel

Martin Allen
  best-selling author, screen, and documentary writer
We are thrilled to welcome Martin Allen to the agency and to be selling his six episode crime drama series from 1913-1918 in Imperial Russia,   Popov: The Tsar's Detective  about a  hard-nosed detective solving high-profile crimes within the Tsar's entourage in Imperial Russia, and who is bent on revealing the true conspirators against the throne.

Martin Allen is a military historian who has written film scripts for five highly successful documentaries on the inter-war period for British and German television. Since 2000, he has published nine prominent European histories and biographies, some of which became international bestsellers.  In 2009, Martin published his childhood autobiography with Random House under the pseudonym Alexander Sinclair, which became a best-seller in both the UK and France combined sales of over 340,000 copies.

Books currently under consideration by producers for film and television:

The best-selling Sherlock Holmes trilogy by Bonnie MacBird. 

The first two books in the series,   Art in the Blood and Unquiet Spirits
(HarperCollins UK)  are now available.  As well as a very gifted author,  Bonnie is the original screenwriter of the film Tron which won three Emmy Awards.

Art in the Blood  has been translated into 17 languages and is a best-seller in 5 countries. 

"What MacBird has done best, which is what makes her take on the series work, is that she understands the narrative. John Watson is telling the story and he's telling it like he's always done. MacBird could possibly be Conan Doyle reincarnated..." - Crime Squad

A Dark Night in Aurora by Dr. William Reid 

James Holmes killed or wounded seventy people in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Only one man,  Dr. William Reid, the forensic psychiatrist involved with the case  was allowed to record extensive interviews with the shooter. 

A Dark Knight in Aurora  uses the twenty-three hours of unredacted interview transcripts never seen by the public and Dr. Reid's research to bring the reader inside the mind of a mass murderer. The result is chilling, gripping study of abnormal psychology and how a boy named Jimmy became a mass murderer.

 Triple Cross Killer by Rosemarie Aquilina
Have you ever wondered what really happens to Santa's letters end up in the hands of Nick Archer, a religiously obsessed narcissist. Co-ed partners and wise-cracking lovers, detectives Jaq McSween and David Maxwell, team up to find the daunting killer.

Rosemarie Aquilina is serving as a 30th Circuit Court Judge in Michigan.  Triple Cross Killer  is a tense and fascinating page-turner - a debut novel from an author with firsthand knowledge of the criminal system to  be published December 5th by Fiery Seas Publishing. 

K-Town Confidential by Brad Chisholm and Claire Kim

In K-Town Confidential young lawyer Holly Park is hired to defend Naomi Linser, who has been charged with murder in the stabbing death of a popular LA Councilman. The crime took place in a gritty Korea-town room salon with Naomi found holding the murder weapon. Open and shut, right? 

Everyone takes sides as Holly prepares for the case, but the deeper she digs into Korea-town night life, the darker the secrets become

Additional Books being pitched as films: 

Thank You for Reading!

 Linda Langton, President.
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