Rick Alford
Rick Alford, CRP


January 2016 Edition

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Happy New Year!
IUL as a
Retirement Vehicle
Too many American consumers approach retirement savings without all the facts or adequate knowledge of the different options that can serve them in the long term.  This is particularly true when it comes to Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

Indexed Universal Life
How does it work?
Take a moment to watch this informative video, demonstrating how an Indexed Strategy works vs money in the Stock Market.

Will the New Social Security Laws Affect You?
Social Security Timing Classes
at W.O. Haggard, Jr. Library in Plano
January 19th or 21st at 6:30pm
T here may be retirement benefit strategies available to you that could substantially increase your future payments even if you have already begun collecting.

Register online at www.RSVPyes.com
 enter code # 359088 or call (800)696-8083
New Year-New Options, Baby!

Earn 4% interest
(a minimum guarantee of 3%)

No risk to principal

100% principal available  at all times! 

Make increasing financial security your
 2016 New Year's Resolution 
Rick Alford, CRP, CEO
Retirement Solutions