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Volume 18 | December 17, 2020
Important Links
NEW Webpages “For Members"
We redesigned the "For Members" webpages to make it easier for you to find critical resources. Visit to explore the updated pages and get the latest fraternal news.
Fraternal Operations
Guidelines for Council Meetings Available in Hard Copy
The new Guidelines for Council Meetings (#10318) book will be available to order from Supplies Online by Christmas 2020. In the meantime, download these printer friendly versions of the Officer’s Meeting Agenda, Council Meeting Agenda and Grand Knight Script for Council Meetings.
Please review the Officer’s Desk Reference section on "Fraternal Activities During Pandemic Conditions" for the Supreme Council's current policy on meetings.
CRITICAL UPDATES: Safe Environment Program
Effective immediately, councils in which a grand knight also holds the program, community and family director roles will NOT be considered compliant with the Knights of Columbus safe environment program.

Also, Praesidium is moving to a new training platform on April 1, 2021. In order to retain access to the platform and be compliant, councils area also now required to provide email addresses for its grand knight, program director, community director and family director. Click here for more information.

Review the council Safe Environment Member Status report on Officers Online and provide needed emails using Member Management. 
Leadership Webinars
New Guidelines for Council Meetings
Council meetings are a key part of a Knight's experience. After extensive research and a survey of over 55,000 Knights, the Fraternal Mission staff has developed new guidelines for council meetings that reflect what Knights want and need today.
Membership Growth
Say good-bye to 2020 and hello to new Knights!
Offer online and prospective members by hosting a virtual or in-person exemplification. Review the best practices for holding exemplifications, or invite them to participate in scheduled and on-demand degrees.
Use Social Media to Drive Membership
The main goals of K of C social media accounts are spreading awareness about the Order, what inspires us to act and how we put our faith into action. Use this how-to guide and Q&A resource to enhance your council's presence online and inspire new men to join.
Limited Time Offer! Free Online Membership*
We have two weeks left to invite new Knights to get their first year of online membership for free. Spread the word by submitting a radio ad to your local station. Or, place one of the ads below in your parish bulletin, diocesan paper, or social media.

*Only available in insurance jurisdictions.
Evangelization and Faith Formation
Form Due Dates Fast Approaching

Additionally, please be sure to report on your programs using the Fraternal Programs Report Form (#10784) before the end of this quarter.
NEW Remote Programming Supplement: A Guide for Expanded Participation (#11139)
Knights stand ready to serve no matter the circumstance. The “Steps and Best Practices” listed in this new resource offers ways that your council can continue to do this remotely.

Quick Note: When learning how to run a remote program, start with one you're already familiar with. This will allow for an easier transition.
Faith: Holy Hour
Knights promote a sacramental and prayer life by leading men into prayerful encounters with our Eucharistic Lord. For more info, click here.
Family: Consecration to the Holy Family
Knights step into the breach during the holiday season by turning to and consecrating ourselves and our families to the perfect model of family life, the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. For more info, click here.
For more information about this month's highlighted programs click here.
District Deputy Corner
  • DUE DATE: DEC. 31 - Review the Star District Checklist to make sure you are on track to earn this award. By now, each council in your district should have recruited new members and participated in a Fraternal Benefits Seminar. If not, help them accomplish these goals. Remember to submit a Semiannual Report on Council Status (#944) for each council by December 31. Submission of this report is a prerequisite for earning the Star District award.

  • DUE DATE: JAN. 31 - Remind councils to complete the Survey of Fraternal Activity (#1728). The preferred method of submission is online

  • Are you on track to bring in 12 new Knights before Christmas and earn a $250 gift card? Learn more and track your progress here.

  • If any of the councils in your district are “inactive” or “dormant” please work with your state officers on a corrective action plan. If you need additional support, we're here to help. Email
Council Officer Corner
Grand Knight
  • Is your council on track to earn an award this fraternal year? Meet with your officers to review the council’s progress toward earning the Star Council Award. Reach out to your field agent to coordinate fraternal benefits seminars to push your council toward the Founders Award. The new Remote Programming Supplement (#11139) provides details for conducting remote programs that qualify for the Columbian Award. Reach out to prospects with special invitations to your events and Father McGivney Award.
  • Ask for help. Your district deputy, field agent, state officers and Regional Training Director are all available to help your council succeed during these challenging times.
  • If your council participated in an approved fraternal benefit seminar, confirm with your field agent that the proper report was submitted to the Supreme Council.

Financial Secretary
  • Update the contact information for your members in Member Management. The grand knight might have the most current email addresses for all members, but it is important that this information is also recorded with the Supreme Council. Any changes in member phone, address or email should be updated at the local and supreme council level.

Thank you for your service to the Order. If you have any questions or suggestions during your term, please email
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