Woman Alive!

Woman Alive! is a feminist documentary series made by and for women
that showcased the changing role of women in society.

The series, which aired on New York's public television channel WNET 13
featured individual women's stories from across the country.
Presented in “magazine” format, each half-hour episode included
documentaries by female filmmakers, performances by female
artists and entertainers, and expert commentary from leading women
such as Gloria Steinhem and Lily Tomlin.

In a review on June 16, 1974, New York Times television critic Ellen Cohn
described Woman Alive! as “Powerful, Provocative, Moving, and Funny.”

Women Alive! broadcast 10 episodes in 1975 and five more in 1977.

All episodes are currently available for licensing through Historic Films Archive

1969 Harlem Cultural Festival

We are delighted that some of the footage from the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival
is being featured in the new documentary

In 2004 Historic Films CEO Joe Lauro first tracked down
original producer HAL TULCHIN and resurrected the original tapes
from Tulchin's Bronxville basement. Historic Films then signed an exclusive deal
with Tulchin to represent the library for clip sales. This arrangement lasted 6 years.
Excerpts from the 40+ hours of Harlem Cultural Festival were made available
by Historic Films to several projects including RCA/LEGACY’s “The Soul Of Nina Simone”.

We are hoping that more footage from this great event will see the light of day.


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