Your Monthly News & Updates, February 2017

Happy  CTE Month®!  CTE Month is a time to celebrate career and technical education (CTE) and build awareness of its crucial role in preparing students for success. CNA Education is celebrating in a variety of ways--read on for CTE-related articles, a podcast, and more, and how you can celebrate with us!
What is "career readiness"? How can it be measured? These are key questions states are asking as they review and revise career readiness policies under the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). CNA Education's Dr. Michael Flory is leading a study to document how a high-wage, high-growth industry assesses the career readiness of recent graduates. Read the full article to learn more about the study.
Michael Flory became an education researcher because he wanted to make a difference. In this short interview, he shares how he first became interested in education research and came to recognize and prove relationships between student success rates on the ACT exam and on workforce readiness exams.

We're Posting New CTE Facts
We're posting new CTE facts on Twitter and Facebook throughout the month of February! Follow us and RT/share them to spread awareness of CTE's role in preparing students for success.
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We partnered with the Association of Career and Technical Education (ACTE) to bring you a special podcast featuring ACTE's Kevin Oshinskie. CNA Senior Policy Director Lul Tesfai and Kevin discuss promising trends in CTE and innovative, successful practices in CTE. The duo also visit the next frontier for CTE and current CNA Education research. CNA Education recently launched an initiative called STEMwire, which aims to provide the rigorous research and technical assistance needed to strengthen the research base on CTE and support current and developing CTE programs. Listen here!
STEMwire Live is CNA Education's podcast on how CTE can be improved and supported through research and the innovative people and CTE programs that are helping students prepare for success after high school. Listen to our most recent episodes: 

You may have heard of our research initiative STEMwire. But you may be wondering, "What does 'STEMwire' mean?" or "How does STEM relate to CTE?" We've put together a simple graphic illustrating how our work supports STEM-focused CTE progra ms.

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We're encouraging students across the nation to share selfies on social media that show why they love CTE! Our goal is to generate positive discussion around CTE by showing how it is impacting the lives of real students. 

Here is how it works: 
Print out this flyer and share it with your students and around your school, along with this template, which students can fill out and hold in front of them while taking the selfie. Once students take their pictures, they can share them on Twitter and/or Instagram using #MyCTE/#CTEMonth. 

This is a fun way for students to make their voices heard and show some CTE pride!
Voices of CTE Video Series
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In this series of short videos, we talk with leaders, practitioners, students, and policymakers who are involved in the world of career and technical education.  Watch the videos here.

CNA Education's team has a new member! As Senior Policy Advisor, Lul Tesfai will lead our efforts to strengthen the CTE research base and support current and developing CTE programs, particularly those focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). 

Lul's research expertise includes policy and strategy development for adult CTE. She most recently served as a Director of Policy for the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education, where she refined the reauthorization strategy for the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act and provided technical assistance to Congress. She also has experience in quantitative and qualitative research and analysis of discriminatory federal, state, and local government housing policies and housing mobility initiatives.

In this short article, Lul shares her thoughts on the current education policy landscape and on how CNA Education's work is contributing, and will continue to contribute, to the advancement of CTE in the United States.
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In a companion interview, Lul shares her insights on the most promising CTE policies in place, how CNA Education will use those policies as a catalyst for our work, and one of the greatest challenges to assessing CTE effectiveness.
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