PV Technology, Production and Cost Outlook: 2010-2015
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GTM Research's latest report, PV Technology, Production and Cost Outlook: 2010-2015 is now available for purchase! This report explores the competitive environment of the global PV supply chain and includes PV technology parameters, panel cost and pricing forecasts, facility- and manufacturer-specific capacities/production data as well as analysis of market dynamics and competitive positioning.

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Report Scope and Questions for Competitive Decision-making

• Which crystalline silicon manufacturers are developing differentiated technologies?

• For each technology, what will best in-class manufacturing costs be in 2012?

Supply Chain Dynamics
• Will we experience a shortage in wafers, cells or polysilicon in 2011 and 2012?

• How are module prices affected by BOS, efficiency, and performance differences between technologies?

Competitive Positioning
• What are likely patterns of acquisition and consolidation in 2011 and 2012?

PV Technology, Production and Cost Outlook: 2010-2015 contains critical intelligence for consultants, market analysts, investment, and solar industry professionals. You can learn more at the report's website: http://www.gtmresearch.com/report/pv-technology-production-and-cost-outlook-2010-2015

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