NEW Sabian Stratus Series

Released last week

We are awaiting for delivery of this exciting Sabian line of cymbals!!

I was present for their unveiling at PASIC in Indy last week

They will not disappoint!

See Stratus Details

At Sabian PASIC Booth with Randy Ross (Sabian product developer) and Tom O'Dea (Sabian US national sales manager)

NEW Yamaha Stage Custom

Colors Now In Stock

Classic White

See Details

Deep Blue Sunburst

See Details

Matte Surf Green

See Details

Pre-Owned Kits Now In Stock

Mapex Armory 5pc Studio Ease Shell Pack - Rainforest Burst

See Details

PDP Concept Maple 4-Piece Shell Pack 2020's - Twisted Ivory

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Stebal Drums at PASIC 2023

I attended another great PASIC show last week

THIS IS the greatest Percussion Event on this planet

Event Details

Jazz Legend Jeff Hamilton

Educator Claus Hessler

Zach Graybeal (@zachgrooves) & Jim Uding (brand manager Dixon, Sela)

DW VP of sales Andrew Meskin

Founder of Welch Tuning Systems (WTS) Sam Welch

Paul Francis & Sara Hagan Owners of Royal Cymbals

(both were long time Zildjian employees. Paul developed the K Con, CIE, etc.)


Sound Police (top of every hour for 15 min.) Don't worry we won't be doing this at the shop LOL

Me being silent

Drum Karaoke Night

PA and Drums Provided

Pick Your Tune

Hit the Skins!

Sunday 11/19/23 6:00 pm

Brothers Lounge: 11607 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, OH 44102 

Drum Karaoke Video:


Saturday, 12/2/23


Cymbal modifications and restoration

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