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Stebal Drums

Silent Sticks & Beaters
With air-filled polycarbonate shafts, anti-slip rubber X- grips and Dual-Twist Reflex TipsTM, Silent Sticks cut drum and cymbal volume up to 80%. Ideal for worship, jazz and acoustic band settings, electronic drums, pad practice, band rehearsals, home practice, recording…. Wherever volume is a concern, play Silent Sticks and Silent Beater!

Zildjian Concept Shop
FX Raw Crash
Large or Small Bell
Raw Crashes are some of the most unrefined and funky cymbals we've ever produced! Each Raw Crash starts from Zildjian's secret alloy and is rolled, tempered, cupped and sandblasted for a sound and look that's unlike any other cymbal. Raw crashes are untrimmed – roughly 20” - 23” in diameter, and irregular in shape – making each Raw Crash a truly unique instrument.

Roland VAD503
V-Drums Acoustic Design
When you need the glamour and presence of a full acoustic drum set on stage—but with the convenience and control of electronic drums—the VAD503 is the perfect solution.

Roland TD-07KVX: The Ultimate Model in the TD-07 Series w/VH-10 Floating Hi-Hat
Best-Ever Cymbals
The TD-07KVX is the pinnacle of Roland’s TD-07 V-Drums series, offering the ultimate complement of pads and cymbals to satisfy the most demanding drummers. This top-tier kit has the largest cymbal pads in the lineup

Paiste 26" Giant Beat
Get that vintage-vibed rock sound with the Paiste 26" Paiste Giant Beat cymbal. Based off of the original design from the 1960s, the Giant Beat cymbals give you a fairly dark sound with a warm presence. Ideal for styles from rock to pop to country and more, The Giant Beat is extremely responsive with a medium sustain. Its wide-range sound is perfect for sage and studio. Expand the depth of your kit with the Paiste 26" Paiste Giant Beat Crash/Ride cymbal.

**Other sizes in stock now

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