Sonor Micro Shell Kit

14/18/13/13 SD

Black Midnight Sparkle


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Sonor AQ2 Maple Safari 4pc Shell Kit

13/10/16/13 SD

Brown Fade


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Original Handcrafted Wooden Head Drums

Each a Piece of Art, Signed & Numbered

From PaulE:

The PaulE Drums 'Bon-E' is the most versatile accessory ever to be attached to the top of a hi hat because it's both a ching-ring and a wood-block! Install a hi hat clutch through the center to give added 'ching' when you step on your pedal, use it as a block when you hit it with your stick, or both. Plus with or without the clutch you can also use it as a handheld percussion instrument! The head is my trademark five-ply 1/4” Baltic Birch and the stave frame can be made from a large variety of hardwoods. I prefer to use light weight woods since it's going to add some weight to your hi hat. The original 'Bon-E' is round with a 6" diameter and eight sets of jingles(16 jingles in total) that can be changed and customised for a variety of tones and textures. The 'Pro' version comes with machine made Nickel plated Steel jingles made by Mid-East. I also have a 'Custom' version that comes with hand made Stainless Steel or Bronze jingles by Black Swamp Percussion.

Bon-E $69

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Moon-E... Introducing remodeled design of the Moon-E ching block from the Bon-E hihat tambourine series. Shaped like a half moon or 'D' it is basically half of the original Bon-E with an added straight edge that acts as a wooden striking surface block. It has 5 sets of jingles on the bottom of its stave design and the trademark Baltic Birch head on the top. The 'Pro' model comes with Mid-East Nickel plated Steel jingles and the 'Custom' model comes with Black Swamp Percussion Bronze or Stainless Steel jingles. Both models have a bit less ching than the original Bon-E design with its 8 sets of jingles but plenty to add extra texture to your hihat as well as a straight edge wood block option. There is nothing on the market like the Moon-E, it is truly The Art Of Percussion.

Moon-E $79

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The PaulE Drums Min-E... New for 2022 is the 4.5" Min-E Bon-E. It is the lightest in the Bon-E hi hat tambourine block series and is a smaller version of the Bon-E Moon-E. It's shaped like a 'D' and comes with four sets of jingles. You can choose from a variety of metal jingles and now they are available with custom jingles hand made Bronze and Stainles Steel jingles by Black Swamp Percussion for an even more diverse assortment of sounds. The jingles are removable, interchangeable, and replaceable. A hi-hat clutch makes it quick and easy to attach and to remove from your hi hat rod.

Min-E $89

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Lead Steel Pan

Stand & Mallets

C20 Series

Model: W1704

Professional Pan


23.25" In Diameter

Notes from C4 to G5

From Panyard, Akron Ohio

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Saturday, 10/21/23


Cymbal modifications and restoration

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