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Gender Studies
December 2019
This Month's Featured Titles
Scottish Feminist Judgments
(Re)Creating Law from the Outside In
Edited by Sharon Cowan, Chloë Kennedy,
and Vanessa E Munro
An innovative collaboration between academics, practitioners,
activists, and artists, this timely and provocative book rewrites
16 significant Scots law cases, spanning a range of substantive
topics from a feminist perspective. Exposing power, politics, and
partiality, feminist judges provide alternative accounts that bring
gender equity concerns to the fore, whilst remaining bound by
the facts and legal authorities encountered by the original court.
Paying particular attention to Scotland’s distinctive national
identity, fluctuating experiences of political sovereignty, and
unique legal traditions and institutions, this book contributes in
a distinctive register to the emerging dialogue amongst feminist
judgment projects across the globe.
ISBN 9781509923267
Hart Publishing
Rocking the Boat
Welsh Women Who Championed Equality
By Angela V. John

This insightful and revealing collection of essays focuses on seven Welsh women who, in a range of imaginative ways, resisted the status quo in Wales, England, and beyond during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The essays challenge expectations about how women’s lives were lived in the last two centuries, as well as raise issues of gender and nationality. From the pioneer doctor and champion of progressive causes, Frances Hoggan, to the irrepressible twentieth-century novelist Menna Gallie, these women spoke out for what they believed in, and sometimes they paid the price.
ISBN 9781912681440
Parthian Books
A Second Whisper
By Lynne Hjelmgaard
A Second Whisper is a thoughtful and sensitive collection that
reflects the changing identities of a woman: in motherhood, in
widowhood, in friendship, and grief. There are elegies to the loss in 2014 of her mentor and partner, the poet Dannie Abse which are a tribute to their deep friendship. There are also poems to her late husband who died in 2006 and for their children and for relationships from the author’s past in New York City and Denmark. The poems are both elegiac and celebratory; they move and change tone as the author travels to the past and negotiates through the geography of grief and feelings of displacement in London, and finally opens to her new life in the present.
ISBN 9781781725542
Independent Publishers Group | Website
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