Coating Additives
Surface control additives for defect-free decorative coatings
TEGO ® Glide 496
  • 100% active
  • Suitable for all systems
  • High orientation at coating surface for strong surface control effect (slip, anti-scratch/mar, hydrophobization)
  • Excellent recoatability - allows additional coats / touch-ups with low effect on inter-coat adhesion
  • Strong anti-crater and leveling benefits
TEGO ® Glide 490, 492, & 494
  • 65% active emulsions
  • Suitable for waterborne systems
  • Emulsions of high-molecular-weight siloxanes
  • Excellent ease-of-use and addition to sensitive systems under low shear
  • Designed for strong surface control effect (anti-block, anti-scratch/mar, hydrophobization, slip, haptics)
Selection of the best TEGO ® Glide additive for your formulation depends on the desired benefits as well as the system chemistry. While the TEGO ® Glide 490, 492, and 494 are suitable for waterborne systems, TEGO ® Glide 496 can be used in waterborne, solventborne, and UV systems.
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