As governments contend with the challenges of keeping information safe from hackers, they must simultaneously comply with state and local transparency laws that require them to make records of communications available to the public. Messaging apps that don’t create an archived record of conversations create more work when responding to public-records requests and leave government entities vulnerable to complaints and lawsuits. EIE Legal is compiling a list of nationwide text messaging lawsuits being brought against government entities to demonstrate the growing problem.
The Inquirer requested text messages and emails related to government business during March on government-issued or personal accounts and sees that self-policing can be a problem when it comes to archiving government records.

Raydient contends that the county neglected to retain text messages, as part of a strategy to obscure conduct. The messages were regarding 24,000 acres the company would like to develop.

Two journalists made an Open Records request to the Open Records Office at the University of Oklahoma to recover information about some staff members who had organized opposition to a local economic development project and haven't received the records to date.

Michigan's Attorney General obtained and used search warrants to allow investigators to go through call history lists, text messages, pictures, audio files, emails, instant messaging and other data, including calendars and GPS directions. Investigators requested similar information from the devices of 33 employees who worked in the then-Department of Environmental Quality or the Department of Health and Human Services. 

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In order to take every step possible to protect your communications, choose a messaging platform that has end-to-end encryption and archiving technology. EIE Legal allows users to print or save copies off archived records. The difference with our app is the “encrypted transparency.” TM
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