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As governments contend with the challenges of keeping information safe from hackers, they must simultaneously comply with state and local transparency laws that require them to make records of communications available to the public. Messaging apps that don’t create an archived record of conversations create more work when responding to public-records requests and leave government entities vulnerable to complaints and lawsuits. EIE Legal is compiling a list of nationwide text messaging lawsuits being brought against government entities to demonstrate the growing problem.
Text message obtained in a public-records request under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act shows campaign contributions to the Arkansas State Auditor from a Texarkana attorney, his law firm, law partner and his daughter.

Despite a judge's ruling that state law requires public records be kept for two years, the officials in Orange County have requested the approval to immediately delete text messages about government business.

The mayor and the Fire Department chief texted back and forth over what the fire had done in a gated Ventura County neighborhood. The chief asked if the mayor wanted any specific home checked, and the mayor provided an address. 

Secure Messaging App for Government
EIE Legal is an encrypted messaging app specifically designed to meet the needs of government entities and ease compliance with FOIA, Open Meetings Act or Sunshine regulations. EIE Legal provides complete privacy and gives users an efficient, encrypted means of communication with staff and colleagues.

In order to take every step possible to protect your communications, choose a messaging platform that has end-to-end encryption and archiving technology. EIE Legal allows users to print or save copies off archived records. The difference with our app is the “encrypted transparency.” TM
EIE Legal Customized For Your Organization
Custom versions of EIE Legal app can be developed for specific government entity requirements. Our technology branded with your logo.

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