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Join our quarterly Green Business roundtable
Would you like to stay up to date on the latest waste reduction ideas and sustainability initiatives? Join the Washington County Green Business Leaders quarterly business roundtable discussion! We present, discuss, and learn about best practices for businesses. This is a perfect platform to showcase and celebrate Washington County Businesses doing great things to protect the environment, and excite and energize other businesses to do the same.

Ask your green business advisor to be added to the invite list. Don't have an advisor? Request one below!
BYOC (Bring your own cup)
Tis the season for hot cocoa, peppermint mochas, and spiced cider, but did you know that about 50 million paper coffee cups are used each year in the Portland Metro area? That equals 6,000 metric tons of CO2 generated or emissions equivalent to 600,000 gallons of gas consumed! The plastic lining in paper coffee cup s means they can’t be recycled and compostable cups are not accepted in our region's composting system. So what's the best option? Bring Your Own Cup (BYOC)!
Sipping your hot beverage of choice in a durable, reusable cup makes it taste better and does wonders for the planet. Take the pledge to BYOC this winter
Congratulations to our newest Green Business Award winners! Looking for some sustainability inspiration? Check out what these leaders are doing to make green practices part of their everyday operations.
Greenspace lives up to their name by creating eco-friendly exhibit designs and displays, and with this certification, their building and operations are certified green, too.
Planting thousands of tree each year can leave a lot of waste, but not for Ash Creek Forest Management who reuses planting containers and pallets, gives employees paid time to volunteer and encourages employees to take transit or carpool to work.
Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Washington Square is a leader on food waste reduction, donating unused soap and shampoo and volunteering in the community. Check out this great video to learn more about food waste reduction at Embassy Suites.
Fred Meyer stores are being certified throughout Washington County for their commitment to sustainable practices. Stores compost, collect plastic film for recycling, provide electric car charging stations, and much more. 
From their LEED building to their extensive recycling program, being a green business is a big part of Synopsis ’ business.  
Reitmeier has worked extremely hard to balance all three legs a sustainability. Recycling, reusing or recovering everything they can, providing education and support for the community all while being a successful business.
Pacific Foods has been re-certified as a Washington County Green Business Award winner. Pacific's commitment to being a good community partner runs deep and was highlighted in their re-certification application.  
Epson is a leader in Washington County with their commitment to sending zero waste to landfill. They recycle Styrofoam, plastics and batteries and use reclaimed water to flush toilets. 
Laughing Planet Cafe is the first restaurant in Washington County to earn the gold level Green Business Award! The Cedar Mill location has reduced utilities by 30%, leads the company in foil reduction (naked burritos) and engages their customers to bring their own bags!  
PKA have gone above and beyond in a number of sustainable best practices and have now set their sights on reaching the gold level. With an active and engaged Green Team, it won’t be long until this Tigard based company will reach the next level.
Oath reached the silver Green Business Award by planting an office community garden, using coreless toilet paper and using an an EcoBiz-certified landscaping company.
Want to join the club?
Whether your company just started recycling or you've been green since before it was cool, you can apply for the Green Business Award. Check out the application online and get the ball rolling!