Recycle Right!
Help us keep our recycling programs going strong by doing your part to reduce contamination.

Did you know that plastic clamshells, to-go containers and plastic bags do not belong in the recycling bin? When these items are mixed in with other recyclables, they contaminate a whole load that may end up being thrown in the landfill.

When in doubt, throw it out. Or better yet, when in doubt, find out by using our What To Recycle & Where search tool to discover what exactly can be recycled and where!
Metro Investment and Innovation grants
cycle now open!
Metro is offering grants to for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations. These capital and program grants help support efforts to reduce waste through reusing, repairing, recycling, composting or making energy from the stuff that is discarded in the greater Portland region.

The main goal of the program is to strengthen local efforts to reduce waste, make better use of the waste that is produced, and help foster economic opportunities for people who have historically been
left out of the garbage and recycling system,
particularly communities of color.
Congratulations to our newest Green Business Award winners! Looking for some sustainability inspiration? Check out what these leaders are doing to make green practices part of their everyday operations.
Advanced Semiconductor Materials International , ASML’s sustainability strategy focuses on four domains: sustainable operations, products, value chain and culture. In practice this looks like providing alternative transportation options for employees, donating to community groups, and using old crates and pallets in their break room.
They reached gold level certification with ease, keep up the good work ASML! 
CIDA Architecture Engineering Planning and Interiors doesn't just design amazing and sustainable spaces they also put sustainability into their work. From low-flow faucets and toilets to engaging employees about recycling and waste reduction, their sustainable actions continue as part of their ongoing goals. Congrats on reaching gold level certification. 
Eaton believes we owe it to future generations to leave the world a little "greener." And the power to make that happen is in their hands. That's why it was a no brainer for them to apply for the Green Business Award. They didn't just get gold certified, they are also working toward zero-waste to landfill. 
From First Tech 's newly awarded LEED Gold Certification building to their “Green Housekeeping Program” which ensures sustainable cleaning and maintenance, to their recently adopted in-house food scraps collection program, being a green business is a big part of their mission to achieve zero-waste to landfill. Their commitment to sustainability and employee engagement is represented in the innovative work spaces that enhance the sense of community already embedded within their culture. High fives to First Tech for becoming a gold certified Green Business Leader in Washington County!
Tualatin based Lam Research Corporation , worked diligently to earn their gold level Green Business Leaders award. On top of their efforts to reduce waste, recycle and compost, they also donate leftover food from their cafeteria to Urban Gleaners food pantry that serves the Washington County area. They also won the Environmental Excellence Award from Clean Water Services. Keep up the great work Lam!
Murphy's Furniture   are committed to a better community by continuing to seek out more sustainable actions and ways to improve business best practices. They have upgraded to LED lighting, reuse price tags, and drop off plastic film, Styrofoam, and other items to reuse, recycle and donate to nonprofit organizations.
After earning a silver certification in 2017, NWESI cranked up their sustainability actions in 2019 resulting in a gold award. They developed a "Sustainability Practices" document, accessible to all staff, that serves as a guide to maintaining and advancing their company-wide green initiative goals.
With a goal for gold certification, Peterson Structural Engineers focuses on many aspects of sustainability and well beyond the basics of recycling. PSE offers their staff several transportation options including TriMet passes and provides a space for bike commuters that is stocked with tools for repairs. They have also livened up their offices by displaying many reclaimed and up-cycled pieces of artwork. Welcome to the club, PSE!
Washington County 's internal operations cover a spectrum of departments that includes road maintenance and fleet repair to administrative offices, purchasing and many other departments in between. Even with these diverse work groups, sustainability doesn't take a back seat. The fleet shop is Eco-Biz certified, office copy paper has at least 30% recycled content, a bike fleet was added for employee use and the jail now composts food waste. Way to go Washington County for reaching the gold Green Business Award! 
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