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How to Elevate Your Winter Meals with Whole Grains
In a season where warm, rich, celebratory meals and holiday desserts are the order of the hour, whole grains can elevate your holiday cooking and baking to a whole new level, standing up to the bold flavors of the winter season. 
New Research + A New Challenge!
Whole Grains are a Key Component of a Heart Healthy Diet, Says AHA
Last month, the American Heart Association updated their dietary guidance for the first time in 15 years. Not surprisingly, whole grains remain a key feature of a heart-healthy diet.
Including Whole Grains in Nutri-Score Could Improve Diet Quality
In this study, researchers restructured the Nutri-Score algorithm (a traffic-light-colored, front-of-pack labeling program used in many European countries) to include whole grain content as part of the scoring algorithm. With this change, the researchers found that diet quality scores slightly improved.
Join the Mediterranean Diet Challenge on January 3rd
Beginning on January 3rd, cook along with us and try delicious Mediterranean whole grain recipes such as Whole Grain Spaghetti with Arugula Walnut Pesto, Apricot Tahini Oatmeal, and Tabbouleh.
Whole Grain Buckwheat Recipes

An Oldways recipe and photo

Recipe courtesy of Judith Finlayson, from her book “The Complete Whole Grains Cookbook.” Photo by Colin Erricson.
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