Update on Daycare at Uphaus Early Childhood Development Center

Day Care at Uphouse
In the December newsletter we asked Austin ISD parents if they'd be interested in day care at the Uphaus Early Childhood Development Center in southeast Austin at 5200 Friedrich Lane, approximately two miles south of the New HQ building.

The response we received was good, so we are moving forward with this option.

Here's the general information on the service:

The Uphaus Early Childhood Development Program will begin caring for children ages 6 weeks - 3 years in August 2019.

Monthly Tuition Fees:
Infants ( 6 weeks -17 months): $ 850.00
Toddlers ( 18 months-35 months): $750.00
3 Year Old Children: $ 650.00

Hours of Operation:  7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

We also need to hear back from you with your contact information. Please fill out this survey form by Feb. 1, here.

If you have a question that wasn’t asked/answered, please send it to  NewHQ@austinisd.org. In the next View from HQ, we’ll share information on the floor/wall/countertop finishes that will be going into the building, and any other construction updates.