New HQ Construction Update
The new HQ will see an increase in the number of tradesmen showing up to begin installing finishes on levels two and six. 

More doors are being installed and there is work on every floor including the roof. The chilled water lines are being welded together on the roof. The air barrier installation is nearing completion on the outside of the building where the scaffolding is.  

Once that is complete the Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems will be installed. This process will then move to the other side of the building. Ceiling grids are up on most of the floors with light fixtures installed on a few. The infrastructure work for power, data, and AC is ongoing. Restrooms are receiving new floor and wall tile and plumbing fixtures are being installed. 

Another useful document is the Moving Guide , review at your convenience.
Communications Update
As we near July we will begin to send communications out to our families, all staff, and the community about the move to the New HQ. Letters and phone messages will go out after the July break with follow up on social media and media outreach.

The New HQ website will be updated with information about potential move dates. The dates below reflect a window of time when the new building will be move-in ready for the departments listed. All moves will take place on or after these dates.

  • Aug. 5–19: Communications/Media, Employee Appraisals, Hiring, Legal, Payroll, PPfT, Substitutes, Superintendent
  • Aug. 12–26: Academics, Accountability, Associate Superintendents, Contract & Procurement, Student Services (transfers, records requests)
  • Aug. 26–Sept. 29: Construction Management, HUB
These are NOT the dates when the departments will move. Your department's move date will be determined by your chief or executive director. 

Here's a flier that you can print and post up around your work area at CAC.
New HQ Run & Walk Map
AISD is committed to offering fitness solutions to its employees. Beyond the gym that will be available on the fourth floor, this Run & Walk Map of the surrounding area outlines path options and distance calculations. 

Commute Update  
We want to make getting to the new AISD HQ easy, so we’re teaming up with Capital Metro and Enterprise to improve your daily drive with a smart commuting solution! Capital MetroRideShare, powered by Commute with Enterprise, connects coworkers who live near each other and provides a safe, reliable vehicle for their commute.

Riding together adds up 
      Save money on fuel, insurance, and maintenance on your personal car
      Gain back valuable time
      Reduce carbon emissions by 12,500 lbs. per year
      Put less wear and tear on your personal vehicle
      Reduce the stress of commuting
We’re excited about this new benefit, and we think you will be too. AISD vanpool groups have already started to form, so sign up to find AISD commuters near you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Cherry Mendoza at, or 512-912-5336.
Naming Survey Results 
Thank you to all of those who participated in the naming of floors and meeting rooms. We had over 120 responses. Participants were asked to pick their favorite name options and offer their own ideas, results below:

Name Survey Results:
      Texas Dancehalls: 28%
      Austin Roads: 23.7%
       Austin Natural Areas: 58.5%
      Plants & Trees: 22%
      Austin ISD: 12.7%
      Stars & Galaxies: 13.6%
      Natural Names:15.3%
      Academic 6 C’s: 11%
      Crayola Colors: 13.6%
      Birds: 17.8%
      Famous Books: 12.7%

Move Committee members are taking this feedback into consideration as signage and name options are being finalized. One thing’s for sure, you will see nature-related names at HQ as this was the dominant feedback we received.
Supply Fair at CAC
Do you have extra supplies, organizers and binders that won’t be going to the New HQ?

Please consider preventing landfill waste and helping our teachers by donating to the Supply Fair, June 24. CAC and CMD employees may drop-off any items they have between 8 - 9:30 am in the CAC Board Auditorium. All supplies will be offered FREE to all AISD teachers. Small supplies only - no printers, file cabinets, nor asset-tagged items. 
Did You Know about Food Services?
Food Services has settled in their new and vibrant space at the AISD warehouse just down the road from the New HQ.

Their space incorporates the open floor plan you’ll soon find at HQ.
I f you have a question that hasn’t been asked or answered, please send to . Check the website at www.austinisd/staff/hq for the latest information.

Thanks for listening, and we’ll talk to you soon.

Kevin Schwartz,CETL                                                                                  
Technology Officer for Learning and Systems
Austin Independent School District

If you have a question that wasn’t asked/answered, please send it to In the next View from HQ, we’ll share information on the floor/wall/countertop finishes that will be going into the building, and any other construction updates.