Happy Holidays and Joyful and Healthy New Year!
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December 2014 Newsletter
At Season's End a Time of Gratitude and Reflection
Time is Running Out on Our Snow Bird Special
Vegetable of the Month:Beet Greens (Beta vulgaris)
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In all the hubbub of this time of year, I hope you enjoy a brief respite with our New Harmony happenings. May  you and your loved ones have a joyful holiday season and a happy, healthy, and meaningful new year.

At Season's End a Time of Gratitude and Reflection

Our first full year growing at our new farm in Newbury was a resounding success. That success was due to a great community effort of dedicated family, staff, volunteers, and collaborators that are committed  to building a  compassionate and sustainable future. I want to especially thank the two men who worked closely with me to develop the farm and where responsible for most of the day to day labor of growing and harvesting our delicious crops- Michael Everett and JD Hutchison-Maxwel. Both men will be moving on to their next adventures but they will always be close to my heart and are an integral part of the evolving story of New Harmony Farm. JD took time before his move back to Puerto Rico to send me his reflections on being at New Harmony. I want to share his elegant and inspiring insights with you.
Early Spring Seeding (L-R ): Michael Everett Our Amazing Produciton Manager, Alex Notis, Spring Intern, and John David (JD) Hutchison- Maxwell Permaculture Maven and Erin's Right Hand Man

"It has given me the greatest pleasure to work at New Harmony Farm for the past two seasons. The opportunity to serve a cause greater than oneself, one based on mutual respect and love for all life, is the highest honor. I have learned much from this job, way more than I could have ever imagined, about farming and a whole lot more. I have given so much to this place, and I have received even more in return. I have seen firsthand the difficulties of establishing a small farm business, of instilling some order into the chaos. I have felt the responsibility of a new business owner when you know that something must get done and that there is no one else to do it. Like working into the dark to protect the peppers and eggplants before an early cold snap, and then rising before dawn to start the next day's harvest.

 This is work that requires care, humility, and compassion for all life. In the process, we honor our fundamental interconnectedness with all life. Seen and unseen, and felt, this connection is real. The tides that bind must be stronger than what our differences allow. We must practice patience and humility. We must learn to cultivate relationships as we cultivate crops; selflessly, seeing the whole in each seemingly separate part. The seeds we sow are scattered far and wide, and we know not what we do. But whatever we do, let's do it with love, and we will reap such bounty as cannot be measured in bushels or bunches.

 Helping to establish an organic farm with a sweeping holistic vision and a mission of health, wellness, and connection has been my highest honor and my greatest personal challenge. I have been prodded and pushed and stretched in so many ways, pushed to limits physical and mental and emotional. Stressed and exhausted and wounded, I have spilled tears, and blood, and felt the profound depths of despair and the soaring heights of ecstasy and everything in between. This pioneering phase, when the rubber of idealism hits the road of reality, is not for everyone. But most of all, I have felt fulfilled in my work. The sweet satisfaction of honest hard work, of giving it your all and reaping the rewards financial, nutritional, relational, emotional, spiritual; this is the new harmony I found." - John David Hutchison-Maxwell

Time is Running Out on Our Snow Bird Special - Join by December 31 and Get Credit Towards 2015 Farm Stand Produce

 Join us NOW and get up to $70 in Farm Stand Credit!

Check out our new website's 2015 Summer Membership page  for more details and to apply and pay on-line. Click here to download an application and then mail with a check  to New Harmony Farm, c/o Erin Stack, 76 Lime Street, Newburyport, MA.

If you pay in full ($400 for half or $700 for full share) by December 31, 2014, Full Share members will receive credit through farm bucks in the spring to be used for 2015 farm stand purchases. Full Shares will recieve $70 credit and Half Shares  $40 credit. That's 10% more vegetables - FREE!

We have bold goals for 2015 including increasing our harvest share members by more than 50%. Building off this year's success, we are eager to further developing our farm and expanding our environmental and educational mission. We thank you for your valued support and look forward to a bountiful 2015 growing season and building a healthy and joyful community.

Vegetable of the Month: Beet Greens (Beta vulgaris )

Next time you choose a bunch of beets from our CSA distribution or farm stand,  don't throw away those lovely beet greens. Instead, saut�, boil or steam the leafy green tops for a low-calorie nutritious dish. Beets are members of the Chenopodiaceae family that also include spinach and Swiss chard and have a similar flavor.  
Bull's Blood Beet Greens
Beets have 
 a long history dating to the second millennium BC. The first cultivated forms were believed to have been domesticated in the Mediterranean, but were introduced to the  Middle EastIndia, and  finally China by 850 AD. In ancient Rome it was the leaves not the roots preferred in cooking. Beet roots and leaves were used as medicinal plants in Ancient Greece and Medieval Europe.Hippocrates advocated the use of beet leaves for binding wounds.


 Beet greens are rich in potassium, calcium, vitamin A and other minerals and vitamins. They also contain high amounts of lutein and beta-carotene; both are antioxidants that help keep eyes and skin healthy. The slightly sweet taste of beet greens makes a good addition to salads and stir fry or as a steamed or saut�ed side dish to meat, fish or on pasta. Beet greens can be used in any recipe that calls for Swiss chard.


Simple Beet Greens

3 lbs beet leaves ( choose tender, young greens)

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon pepper

2 tablespoons vinegar

2 tablespoons butter

2 hard-boiled eggs, sliced


Wash the greens thoroughly several times in deep water. Cook in very little boiling salted water until just tender, a few minutes. Drain thoroughly. Season with salt , pepper, vinegar and butter. Garnish with sliced eggs over the top.


Take Good and Joyful Care,




Erin Stack, Farmer

New Harmony Farm,LLC 


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An Early Winter Sunset Over Our Newbury Field's High Tunnels.