Afghan Press Music for the Harp - Announcement July 2020
Louise Trotter's "In the Garden" was completed last month. It was a collaboration among Basil Alter, Gretchen Chell Cover, Frank Voltz and myself.

As promised, the following books are now complete:

California Celtic by Diana Stork
Two Love Songs by Mary Muckle
The Enchanted Village Ensemble Book by Anna Thormahlen Jenkins

In addition, we have also completed 2 more of the "Sacred Treasures" series, music arranged by Louise Trotter: What A Friend We Have In Jesus and Wayfaring Stranger.
Feature Heading
Arrangement by Louise Trotter; transcribed by Basil Alter from Louise's recording, "Sacred Treasures". 5 pages, highly arpeggiated with some harmonics and glissandos. It is just about exactly as Louise recorded it. Gretchen Chell Cover assisted with editing, and Frank Voltz did the final editing. Mary Radspinner made the final typesetting Finale edits. This is the second piece from Louise's "Sacred Treasures" album, and we have a goal to provide several more from this well-loved album. PEDAL HARP UPPER INTERMEDIATE.
Jigs, Reels, Slip jigs, Hornpipes, Marches, Airs, and other tunes in the traditional Celtic style, with some twists and turns inspired by the special land and people of California. For over half a century, California has been a center of Celtic harp playing. In this collection of all-original tunes, California folk harpist and composer Diana Stork offers a new spin on the old traditions. Solo arrangements are suited for all styles of harps and for piano. The melodies can be played by instruments such as fiddle, flute, concertina, and other melody instruments. Duets can be played by two harps or any combination of instruments.

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE - 2 beautiful lyric songs written to honor Mary Muckle's daughters upon the important event of their wedding. Silence and Love key of Eb and in 5/4 with triplets. Beautiful harmonies.
Kathleen the Beautiful key of G in 4/4 with at actively arpeggiated LH. Listen to the mp3 for the full experience!

ALL HARPS EASY ENSEMBLE The Enchanted Village was a real place where Jenkins lived. Her harp studio entrance was a world of tinkling wind chimes, tweeting birds, a bubbling fountain, and the sounds of the lake just steps away. This book is inspired by those students at that point in time.

PEDAL HARP ADVANCED - terrific arrangement by Louise Trotter as played on her "Sacred Treasures" CD. Rubato with lots of fermatas, interesting rhythms and transitions, many arpeggios. Louise was at her best in her 80's when she recorded "Sacred Treasures" - her CD that can be found on Band Camp, Amazon, etc. She didn't want to write out the arrangements. Now that she is gone, with the help of Frank Voltz, Basil Alter and Gretchen Cover, we are transcribing these intricate arrangements. These harmonies are brilliant. Louise was so creative.

PEDAL HARP UPPER INTERMEDIATE - This is a transcription of the beloved hymn as played by Louise Trotter on her CD, Sacred Treasures. Louise was in her 80s when she recorded the CD, Sacred Treasures. It was likely the time of her life when she was most creative with chords, specifically how to play amazing chords on the harp. Her fingers may not have been so supple anymore, but her brain was very much in gear. We're glad she took the time to make the recording.  

Wishing you a Healthy Remainder of your Summer