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Dear YANA-New Englanders,

We have some great programs and events occurring around the New England area in the next few months.  Please join us and share links with your network.
Vermont, January 22nd
New Haven, January 25th
Hartford, February 15th 
New Haven, February 23rd
Vermont Group Kick-Off!

YANA-New England, Vermont invites you to a brainstorming get-together on Monday, January 22 at the Brattleboro Public Library from 4:00-5:30pm.  The focus will be VT non-profit activities and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  Please register HERE or contact Yvonne Lodico if you are interested in attending.

Speed Networking with the Yale Class of '20

Serena Flaherty, '99, '06 MSN (Nursing), current member of the AYA Board of Governors, is working with the AYA staff and the Yale College Sophomore class to organize a speed networking event for students in New Haven on Thursday, January 25th at 6:30pm.  They are looking for three more  alums connected to medicine, law, and/or finance or corporate business, though anyone is welcome. 

Below are event details:
Thursday, January 25th 6:30pm-8pm at Rose Alumni House ( 232 York Street, New Haven).   We are asking alums to arrive at 6pm.
The "speed networking" process is fast-paced but simple.  The alum is seated at a table with 6-8 students to talk about careers, career changes, interview skills or job seeking, among other career topics.  Every 10 minutes, the alumni shifts to a new table to engage in another set of conversations with a different group of students.  Following a few rounds of these exchanges, the evening will end with an opportunity for refreshments and social networking.  It's meant to be fun for everyone in a relaxed setting.  The students (and alumni) who participated in the last few events really enjoyed it.
If you are available and interested in participating in this event or a future networking event, please contact Serena at
Luncheon Tour and Discussion in Hartford, CT

Please join the YANA-New England, Hartford/Springfield group  at noon on Thursday, February 15 for a tour and conversation! We will be visiting the CREC facility that is serving as a welcome center for hurricane refugees from Puerto Rico. We will be learning about their work and discussing how it intersects with the work of other non-profits in the Hartford area. 

Questions? Email Molly James ( ) or Michael Kurs ( ). 

Click HERE for more information and to register.
YANA and the SOM Philanthropy Conference, New Haven
Friday, February 23rd

For the first time ever, YANA will be hosting a networking session at the annual student-sponsored SOM Philanthropy Conference

The conference focus this year is 

ADAPTIVE PHILANTHROPY, RESILIENT SECTOR: Today's environment of social and political turbulence has acute consequences for nonprofits. Organizations' access to resources and the rights of the communities they serve are increasingly at risk. At the same time, this environment is also motivating citizens to take action, and prompting funders to think more carefully about how best to respond to the needs of at risk communities. In this environment of rapid change and uncertainty, nonprofits and funders must focus on how to keep the sector not only resilient but also increasingly effective in spite of these external challenges.

The lunch session will comprise a series of themed rooms, each filled with eight tables for separate discussions lead by experts about how the conference theme relates to their industry.   We are still looking for a few more YANA members from several different professions to represent the group and speak with SOM students about their positions and careers in the nonprofit sector.  

If you are interested in participating, please contact us at
Thank you and hope to see you at one of these YANA events!!
Rachel Littman '91                  Craig Bida '88, '99 MBA 
Providence, RI                        Boston, MA                

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