eUpdate - May 15, 2020 
Outdoor Group Gatherings in Cars Now Allowed
Safety precautions must be followed to prevent spread of virus
Outdoor gatherings in cars are now allowed, under a new Health Order issued by the County Health Officer today.

This new Order is based on science and best practices.

Safety requirements must be followed to minimize the risks of spreading COVID-19 from our cars. (Details below)

This provides a safe way for faith groups to gather,  for schools to hold graduation ceremonies, as well as for other community events.

This is good news, indicating our success as a County in flattening the curve, or slowing the spread of the virus to save lives and to prevent overwhelming our healthcare system. There's more to do, but thanks to all of you, we're heading in the right direction. 

The new order takes effect May 19.

Group Gathering Requirements include:
  • Cars parked six feet apart from each other
  • Large area that can accommodate the 6 foot distancing requirement 
  • No more than 200 vehicles
  • No longer than three hours
  • Gathering must be by invitation only
  • Must have a designated host who is responsible for submitting a written plan to ensure physical distancing and other safety factors
  • Occupants must wear face coverings if car windows are open 
  • Host and staff can be outside vehicles, practicing social distancing and wearing face coverings 
  • Occupants in each car must be from the same household and stay in their cars
  • If more than 10 cars, the host must provide security for traffic and safety
  • No motorcycles, convertibles with the top open, or bicycles
  • No sale of food or other items
  • The order has detailed information on use of on-site restrooms and passing out diplomas or other materials. For these details and more information call the County's COVID-19 call center at 844-729-8410.
Let's safely enjoy service and celebration from our cars, following all of the requirements to make sure we're protecting ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.

Stay in place, maintain your space, cover your face!

More COVID-19 information:

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