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Upcoming Important Dates
May 20th: The Annual New Heights Talent Show

May 21st: Organizational Day (no school or ECS classes)

May 24th: Victoria Day (all programs closed)
Message from PAC
New Heights Talent & Variety Show
On Thursday, May 20th we will be broadcasting the Talent Show to the classrooms and parents through a private YouTube link.

The video will premiere at 1:00pm.

The video will remain up for the evening before it is taken off YouTube.

Any questions? Feel free to send us an email at
Changes in the Transition to Adulthood Program
Our Transition to Adulthood (T2A) Coordinator, Jen Bodiguel, is off on maternity leave as of May 31st. We will miss her, but are excited for her to grow her family. Congrats Jen!
Our T2A Community Coach, Amberly Wrubleski, will be stepping into the T2A Coordinator role while Jen is on maternity leave.
We will welcome a new Community Coach to New Heights T2A in September. 
Baby Everitt
OT Kayla is excited to introduce baby Liam George Everitt to the New Heights community!

They welcomed him to the world on May 4th, weighing 7 lbs 11 ozs.

Congrats to Kayla and her family!
Tech Spot
Featured App: Time Timer
This app is a customizable timer that can act as a clear, colorful visual to help with understanding the concept of time.  

With the Time Timer app you can create colourful visuals for time management. You can customize and save multiple timers to reuse as needed. Setting options include which audible sound the timer makes when it completes, whether your device will also vibrate, how many times the timer plays, and what color the timer is.

This app can help with staying focused on timed tasks, visualizing the passage of time, managing transitions, as well as helping with waiting.
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