RF limiters are passive low cost integrated circuits used to protect expensive, power sensitive front-end components such as amplifiers and high frequency ADCs.

Marki Microwave’s DLM series limiters feature a tuneable bias voltage which adjusts the maximum power allowed to be output from the limiter, and are suitable for low power applications such as ADC interfaces.

Marki’s HLM series are fixed limiters that handle much higher input powers and are optimized to provide high linearity.

Currently the DLM series are available in a QFN package or evaluation module, and the HLM series are available as bare die or connectorized module.
Tuneable Differential Limiter

The DLM-10SM is a tuneable, dual channel GaAs Schottky diode signal limiter featuring excellent IP3, insertion loss, and return loss. 

The limiting level is adjustable with an off-chip bias network, and the two channels can be used for differential or single-ended signals.
Typical input P1dB is +10dBm with an operating range of DC to 10 GHz.
The DLM-10SM is available in a lead-free, RoHS compliant 3x3 mm QFN

  • Excellent IP3, low insertion loss, and return loss 
  • Adjustable limiting level with off-chip bias network 
  • Single channel differential/Dual channel single ended 
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Alternative to discrete diode limiting options
High Power 40GHz Limiter

The HLM-40 is a high-power GaAs Schottky diode signal limiter featuring high IP3 and high power handling.
It offers low insertion loss and low return loss from DC through Ka band and has a typical 1dB compression point of 15dBm.
Its high power handling makes it ideal for protecting sensitive components and for applications requiring high linearity.
The HLM-40 is available as a wire bondable die and as a connectorized module.

  • DC to 40 GHz limiter
  • 20W Peak Power (pulsed), 4W CW
  • 18dBm Flat Leakage @ 1W CW
  • Typical P1dB of 15dBm
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