Exhibits That Tell The Stories Of Texas
The Texas Lakes Trail Region has provided quality exhibits for over 10 years. Our goal is to provide exhibits for communities that can fit into the smallest of budgets. We now have four traveling exhibits that touch on the culture of Texas. Traveling exhibits increase visitation to host sites, with individuals coming from within and outside of the area.
Creative Arts and Texas History
Texas Crochet Heritage
The exhibit concentrates on crocheted doilies and their role in our crochet heritage. As you go through the display, you will learn about individual needle workers and their techniques. Included in the exhibit are a variety of doily techniques and other fiber art.

45 16" x 20" crochet heritage panels, with photos and text, on exhibit-ready 

The Cynthia Ann and Quanah Parker Exhibit, A Woman OF Two Worlds and a Man IN Two Worlds
This exhibit has been on the road for over ten years and it continues to draw visitors. It can be further enhanced by host sites Native American artifacts.

The exhibit contains 48 panels and can be arranged to fit almost any location.

The Vaquero: The First American Cowboy
The history of the Vaquero begins when Spain established colonies in the area known as the State of Coahuila, later to become the State of Texas. They developed methods, tools, and language, remaining in use today as part of the present cattle industry .

The exhibit features 33 panels that measure 21' x 28"

Vaquero  Bullock Museum
The Chisholm Trail 150 Years of History, Folklore, and Legacy
This engaging exhibit begins with the arrival of cattle and horses in the Americas through the end of the Trail era. The exhibit is educational and filled with photos and illustrations from the period.
The exhibit consists of thirty-four 21" x 28" panels that are equipped with a wire on the back to make hanging easy.