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December 2019
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Carrick, County Wexford
Ireland’s First Anglo-Norman Stronghold
Edited by Denis Shine, Michael Potterton, Stephen Mandal, and
Catherine McLoughlin

Built in the autumn and winter of 1169 by Robert Fitzstephen, one of the first knights to land at Bannow Bay, Carrick is the oldest Anglo-Norman fortification in the country. The site developed as an important borough in the thirteenth century and it was home to one of the first Marshal castles in the southeast.
It was also the site of one of Ireland’s earliest Anglo-Norman deerparks. Despite its historical significance, the site has passed in and out of public consciousness. Since 1987, it has been located in the Irish National Heritage Park, which partnered with the Irish Archaeology Field School in 2018 to carry out a major archaeological research program. This volume details the results of the Carrig project to date, as well as select
previous research at the site.
ISBN 9781846827969
Four Courts Press
Mallee Country
Land, People, History
By Richard Brooome, Charles Fahey, Andrea Gaynor, and Katie Holmes

Carefully shaped and managed by Aboriginal people for over 50,000 years, mallee country was dramatically transformed by
settlers, first with sheep and rabbits, then by flattening and burning the mallee to make way for wheat. Government backed
settlement schemes devastated lives and country, but some farmers learnt how to survive the droughts, dust storms, mice,
locusts, and salinity to become some of Australia’s most resilient agriculturalists. Mallee Country is a story of how land and
people shape each other.

ISBN 9781925523126
Monash University Publishing
My Mother, That Stranger
Letters from the Spanish Civil War
By Concha Alborg
Over eight-hundred letters were written between the author’s newly-engaged parents during the time that her father
was on the Republican war front fighting against Franco’s forces. Her father, Prof Juan Luis Alborg, would live to become a well-known literary historian and critic. Her mother’s life, on the other hand, was overshadowed by her husband. This
unique memoir is a micro-history of the Spanish Civil War at an individual level. Her mother’s personal narrative adds to
the understanding of this significant time as she describes the contrasting burdens between family life in Valencia, and the
life of her fiancé soldier on the southern frontlines.

ISBN 9781789760309
Sussex Academic Press
Birth of the Border
The Impact of Partition
in Ireland

ISBN 9781785372933
Irish Academic Press/Merrion Press

Considering Grace
Presbyterians and the Troubles

ISBN 9781785372896
Irish Academic Press/Merrion Press
Passing Through
The Grand Junction Canal in
West Hertfordshire, 1791-1841

ISBN  9781912260157
University of Hertfordshire Press/Hertfordshire Publications
Asbestos in Australia
From Boom to Dust

ISBN 9781868889037
Monash University Publishing
Proud to Be
Writing by American Warriors, Volume 8

ISBN 9781732039933
Southeast Missouri State Univ Press
Dark Beauty
Hidden Detail in Harry Clarke’s Stained Glass

ISBN 9781785372339
Irish Academic Press/Merrion Press

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