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Pie Safe, Hoosier & Ice box Hardware
We are excited to offer a line of products for all your Hoosier style kitchen unit, Antique Pie Safe or Ice Box restoration needs.

Ice Box Latches & Hinges in both Polished Brass & Polished Nickel

The icebox was invented by an American farmer and cabinetmaker named Thomas Moore in 1802. Moore used the icebox to transport butter from his home to the Georgetown markets, which allowed him to sell firm, brick butter instead of soft, melted tubs like his fellow vendors at the time. His first design consisted of an oval cedar tub with a tin container fitted inside with ice between them, all wrapped in rabbit fur to insulate the device
Pie Safe Tin in 3 different patterns.
We also have Bronze Wire Mesh .

A pie safe, also called a pie chest, pie cupboard, kitchen safe, and meat safe, is a piece of furniture designed to store pies and other food items. This was a normal household item before ice boxes came into regular use, and it was an important part of the American household starting in the 1700s and continuing through the 1800s.

We have replacement Hoosier Knobs , Nameplates & Hinges . As well as Boone Hinges & Nameplates.

Hoosier style cabinets were also made by dozens of other companies, and most were in the Hoosier State or located nearby. Some of the larger manufacturers were Campbell-Smith-Ritchie (Boone); Coppes Brothers and Zook (the Napanee); McDougall Company; and G. I. Sellers and Sons. Hoosier cabinets evolved over the years to include more accessories and innovations that made life easier for cooks in the kitchen. They peaked in popularity in the 1920s, and declined as homes began to be constructed with built-in kitchen cabinets and countertops. The Hoosier Manufacturing Company was sold in 1942 and liquidated. Today, Hoosier cabinets are valued by antique collectors.

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