May 10, 2022
Wednesday, May 11
Youth Group: 6 PM in the Youth Lounge
KidMin: 6 PM in Room A105
Adult Bible Study: 6 PM in the Library
Worship Choir Rehearsal: 7 PM in the Sanctuary
Scholarship Awards during service: Sunday, May 15

KidMin Dream Big Workshop Donation deadline: Sunday, May 15

Church Wide Work Day: Saturday, May 21 from 9-12 pm

New Hope Family Meal at The Forks: Monday, May 23 at 6 PM
Sunday Guest Preacher

Dr. Rusty Womack will be our guest preacher this Sunday, May 15.

Called Church Conference
Sunday, May 29

The Nominating Committee brings to the Church body, Brenda Narron (through 2023) and Darlene Holt (through 2024) to fill vacated slots on the Weekday Preschool Committee.

A vote will be held immediately following service on Sunday, May 29.
Volunteers for Worship

Would you be willing to read scripture in Worship? Would you like to lead a prayer during Worship? We would love to hear from you! Use the button below to email Matt Frazier with your interest. We look forward to having you be a part of worship leadership!

We are excited to invite you to be a part of an evening of fellowship around the table. Join us at The Forks on Monday, May 23 at 6 PM for a New Hope Family Meal. Let's share a meal together and share stories of how New Hope has touched your life.

Click the button below to RSVP.
Kids Worship

How many ways can you send a message? There are so many unique ways! Special deliveries are the best but even better are the messages found in each package. This month, we are going to look at the most important message that was ever sent out and how we are meant to be the ones delivering it. Kids are God’s messengers that can share the stories of God’s miracles and help. Get kids involved in helping God’s message go everywhere because God delivers everyone! 
Dream Big Workshop
Sunday, May 22 
11 AM - 1 PM in Room A105 

Dream Big Workshop will give kids an opportunity to share their story through the creative outlet of a dream board! Using all kinds of arts and crafts supplies, kids and families will create boards that represent their past and their hopes for the future. Kids will decorate their boards with images of major events they've experienced, talents, and interests they have, and their big dreams for the future. Through this fun activity kids will learn to see the beauty in their own story and how to share that beauty with the world around them!
Youth Group
Wednesday at 6 PM

Jesus doesn't call us to be one of his fans. Being a Christian is not about clicking like on his Instagram. So, what does that mean? Join the discussion on Wednesday at 6 PM. Game Room opens at 5:30 PM.

Youth Group will meet this Sunday at 5 PM.

Response to Ukraine Crisis

We have watched in disbelief the pictures and videos coming from Ukraine over the past few weeks with a helpless feeling. North Carolina Baptist on Mission have dispatched a team to the region to assess how we may be the hands and feet of Jesus in this tragedy. By mobilizing resources NC BoM are partnering with a German Christian ministry to get bread to internally displaced refugees who are staying mainly in churches inside Ukraine. The cost is two dollars per person per day for a loaf of bread, sausage spread and a piece of cake. Our goal is to feed 100,000 per day. Click here to give  
Pray Around the World
Our Baptist World Alliance Prayer Update this week includes:

22 BWA Member Bodies
  • Arunachal Baptist Church Council: 1,152 Churches, 100,397 Members
  • Assam Baptist Convention: 921 Churches, 37,410 Members
  • Baptist Churches Council of Eastern India: 144 Churches, 26,729 Members
  • Baptist Church of Mizoram: 663 Churches, 122,072 Members
  • Baptist Union of North India: 54 Churches, 15,700 Members
  • Bengal Baptist Union: 145 Churches, 7,785 Members
  • Convention of Baptist Churches of the Northern Circars: 310 Churches, 240,000 Members
  • Evangelical Baptist Convention of India: 207 Churches, 40,859 Members
  • Garo Baptist Convention of India: 2,622 Churches, 353,299 Members
  • India Association of General Baptists: 121 Churches, 10,300 Members
  • India Baptist Convention: 80 Churches, 8,000 Members
  • Karbi Hill Baptist Convention: 338 Churches, 37,515 Members
  • Karnataka Baptist Convention: 900 Churches, 72,200 Members
  • Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church: 118 Churches, 20,325 Members
  • Lower Assam Baptist Union: 335 Churches, 38,088 Members,
  • Maharashtra Baptist Society: 415 Churches, 14,589 Members
  • Manipur Baptist Convention: 1,493 Churches, 214,842 Members
  • Nagaland Baptist Church Council: 1,661 Churches, 648,096 Members
  • North Bank Baptist Christian Association: 1,224 Churches, 124,207 Members
  • Orissa Baptist Evangelistic Crusade: 34 Churches, 3,842 Members
  • Samavesam of Telugu Baptist Churches: 893 Churches, 475,639 Members
  • Tripura Baptist Christian Union: 943 Churches, 70,654 Members
More than 500,000 have lost their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please pray for God's continued grace and provision as Baptist leaders seek to be a source of God's love and care to the many who have been impacted.

Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamya (SLBS): 41 Churches, 6,608 Members
Sri Lanka is facing its worst economic downturn in decades, leading to power blackouts and severe shortages of food, fuel, and medicine as well as political unrest. Baptist leaders have shared the following requests:
  • That God will have mercy on our land and intervene
  • That justice will be done for the survivors of the Easter attack and the perpetrators will be brought to account
  • That the protests and protestors remain peaceful and non-violent
  • That government leaders will work together for the benefit of the nation
  • That people will remain hopeful and endure until change takes place
  • That the Church will be salt and light at this difficult time
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