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2023 Ministry Budget Update

As we have and continue to navigate the high inflation economy, I want to personally thank all those who consider New Hope their church home for being generous with both your time and treasure! You make ministry happen when you act on your faithfulness.

Here is an update on where we are in terms of giving and the ministry needs of New Hope:

June 13: The staff team had to "slam the brakes" on ministry spending (no expenditures above $50 without permission) due to being $85k in the negative (the gap between giving received and needs). I mentioned the gap on a Sunday morning as we were ramping up for a busy summer of ministry focused on our kids and students.

June 27: New Hope members responded to the need and we were able to shift from "slamming" to "tapping the brakes" in regard to ministry spending (no expenditures above $500 without permission). The deficit was reduced from -$85k to -$44k in that two week period.

July 9: With the continued generosity and faithfulness of New Hopers, our deficit has been further reduced to -$32k, which is less than one week of normal giving!

I'm truly grateful for several things:

1) I am grateful for a significant number of our members who give on a consistent and generous basis to support the on-going ministries of New Hope, which are making a difference in our world.

2) I'm grateful for a staff team who are good stewards of the resources we have been entrusted with. They have done a great job adjusting in order to carry on ministry well when financial resources haven't been available.

3) I am grateful for the 48 new givers who have joined us since January of this year!

Ministry Continues

As we continue to move forward in ministering to our community and world, please keep our Amazon Mission Team in your prayers! They are currently serving in remote villages throughout the Amazon basin. Please pray for open ears and hearts to hear and receive the good news of Jesus! We look forward to hearing how God is using their efforts to strengthen and expand His Kingdom on earth.

I hope to see you Sunday!

--Keith Pate

Weekly Giving

7/9 Budget Goal: $45,410

7/9 Given: $48,461

YTD as of 7/9 Budget Goal: $1,271,480

YTD as of 7/9 Given: $1,108,936

Believers in Jesus are called to make God priority over every part of their life -- including finances. We give as an expression of thanksgiving to God and trust that He will provide for our needs.

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Mega Sports Camp

Jul. 24-27, 5:30-7:30 pm

Mega Sports Camp has action-packed sports training, fun daily rallies, guest sports speakers and will help kids discover how to be true champions! 1st-5th graders can pick from flag football, dance, soccer, baseball, basketball and volleyball. Completed kindergarten will have their own unique tract, including several types of sports.

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Loss of a Spouse Seminar

July 30, 3:00 pm, EDU 204

If you or someone you know has recently lost a spouse, we invite you to receive support and encouragement from others who have experienced the same loss at this one-time seminar.

At this seminar, you will discover how others have found healing, reasons for hope and practical tips for coping with your loss. This seminar is free.

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Education Connection

The mission is simple, straightforward, and achievable... every child reading by the end of the 3rd grade. Make a difference in our community by helping combat childhood literacy. As a Literacy Partner, you will spend 30 minutes a week reading one-on-one with an elementary-age child at the school of your choosing.

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