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Easter is Here!

Easter is truly a joyous time! It's easy to look forward to family gatherings and Easter traditions, but miss the reality of the events Jesus went through to give us the reason we celebrate. I hope you'll take time this week to reflect and respond on the amazing love of God. A love so great that He sent His beloved Son to suffer in our place so that we may be forgiven of every sin and reunited in relationship with Him.

The Anxious Mind

I look forward to starting a new series the Sunday after Easter, called The Anxious Mind.

Research has shown that anxiety is one of the top personal challenges we face day-to-day, and the worldwide pandemic that we just journeyed through only added fuel to the anxious mind fire. Through God's Word, we will seek to understand what feeds an anxious mind and how we can respond when anxiousness strikes.

Two Requests

I ask you to do two things leading up to this new series. First, pray that God will take His Word and transform our anxious minds, as well as the minds of those who will attend or participate online.

Second, consider someone whom God might put on your mind and heart to invite. This is a topic we can all relate to. Your personal invitation might be the encouragement someone needs.

I look forward to celebrating Easter Sunday with you!

Keith Pate

Details about Easter Weekend

Easter at New Hope

Apr. 7-9

Fear and joy. A strange combination. Have you ever experienced striking fear because your whole world was about to change, yet you were filled with joy for the great, unthinkable things ahead?

The Bible says that's how the first two people to experience Easter felt, afraid but filled with joy. Join us this Sunday for Easter, and discover joy in the middle of uncertainty.


You can invite friends and neighbors today through the New Hope App. Tap Easter for a list of Easter events, select the event, then tap the "share" icon for ways to share.


Intro to Hope Groups

Apr. 16, 9:30 am, EDU 203

Hope Groups are relational-based, small group communities that we do life with -- the good, the bad and the messy.

But jumping into a small group can be overwhelming, so we invite you to Intro to Hope Groups. You can "test out" a group while finding community and developing spiritual habits.

Email for Information

Hiring Teachers & Subs for HIS Kids Preschool

Does working with preschoolers bring you joy? Then we have a place for you on our HIS Kids Preschool Team! We are looking for teachers and substitutes who will give quality care to children while helping them grow emotionally, socially and academically. Candidates must have a high school diploma, GED or college diploma. Email for more information.

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Weekly Giving

3/26 Budget Goal: $45,410

3/26 Given: $28,161

YTD as of 3/26 Budget Goal: $590,330

YTD as of 3/26 Given: $449,594

Believers in Jesus are called to make God priority over every part of their life -- including finances. We give as an expression of thanksgiving to God and trust that He will provide for our needs.

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