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Being the Hands & Feet in the Amazon

It's truly remarkable what God can accomplish with willing followers. This past July, 12 New Hopers followed God's call to sail down the Amazon river by boat, visiting 5 villages, sharing the love of Christ along the way, and serving over 900 people!

Missionaries traveled down the Amazon river each night to a new village, and each morning carried out the same efforts in varying ministry areas.

Medical: The team was able to hold a triage in every village to determine the urgency of individual needs for treatment and provide pharmacy supplies, dental services and vision tests for prescription sunglasses.

Children: Children's ministry was the largest ministry group each day. Missionaries would lead mini Vacation Bible Schools both in the morning and during the evening.

Women: The team would gather with large groups of women, setting up salons where they would paint nails, brush, braid and cut hair. This was a time to love on and care for the women in the village.

Men: This team would gather with all the men who would join in the village square, sharing common experiences, and share the gospel through an EvangeBall (a soccer ball with colors that correspond to parts of the Gospel story).

Evangelism: Every evening ended with a village Gospel presentation for all, with soccer balls handed to each of the men's and women's soccer captains. As the team met with people throughout the day, they would pray one-on-one and share how much God loved that person.

God revealed His deep love for the people in each community in so many tangible ways to meet their physical and spiritual needs:

  • Men, connected with 72
  • VBS, 217 participants
  • Women, cared and shared with 109
  • Medical, treated 267 patients
  • Eyeglasses, gave 232 pair
  • Counseled 13 individuals
  • Dedicated one water well in the village of Abacate

Through this experience, our New Hope team learned how to serve and follow Christ better together, and how to profoundly proclaim and demonstrate the good news of His Kingdom come. A team will be serving next year, July 9-19, 2024. Are you being called to go?

Weekly Giving

8/13 Budget Goal: $45,410

8/13 Given: $29,300

YTD as of 8/13 Budget Goal: $1,498,530

YTD as of 8/13 Given: $1,305,365

Believers in Jesus are called to make God priority over every part of their life -- including finances. We give as an expression of thanksgiving to God and trust that He will provide for our needs.

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Work Day with Partners in Hope

Aug. 26, 8:00 am-12:00 pm

Have plans this Saturday? You can join Partners in Hope from 8:00 am-12:00 pm to impact the life of a community member living in isolation. Scope of work includes yard work and general clean-up work. Get your whole family involved and experience serving together!

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Christian Money Management

Aug. 30, 6:15 pm, EDU 204

Do you struggle with finances? We've all been there! Sometimes we need help but find it hard to share such a personal struggle with others. At Christian Money Management, you'll be in a confidential and caring environment that will help encourage you toward your goals. Whether you want to stick to a budget, or more consistently tithe, or eliminate debt, this class can help!

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Education Connection

The mission is simple, straightforward, and achievable... every child reading by the end of the 3rd grade. Make a difference in our community by helping combat childhood literacy. As a Literacy Partner, you will spend 30 minutes a week reading one-on-one with an elementary-age child at the school of your choosing.

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