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Resources for Ministries

We are blessed with people at New Hope who are generous with both their time and their treasure. The giving of both provides resources that are needed to carry on the variety of ministries of our great church.

Throughout this year, I plan to update you each quarter on where we are in terms of our ministry budget goal.

We Ended 2022 Strong

While navigating an inflationary economy, members and those who consider New Hope their church home, gave generously to close out the year. Your generosity helped us catch up and end the year "in the black". In fact, it was the most generous giving we've had at New Hope in at least 6 years. I am truly grateful for your sacrifice!

Beginning 2023

Like most churches, we experience giving cycles (high and low giving months). Typically, January and February are lower giving months, and that has been the case this year. We are behind in regard to giving vs. ministry support needs. Our normal pattern has been to see giving pick up starting in March and going forward.

My Challenge

My challenge to all who love New Hope is two-fold: 1) Pray about your part in helping us catch-up so that we enter the summer months in a strong position to carry on the many preschool, kids and student ministry plans. We believe in investing in future generations.

2) If you don't currently give on a generous, consistent basis, pray about doing so. Join us! You will find that God is more than faithful in your everyday life when you choose to trust Him with all the things in your life, including finances.

God continues to use this body of believers, even after 154 years, to accomplish meaningful, eternal things in the lives of others. I hear stories about it almost on a weekly basis! I can think of no greater purpose to invest your time and treasure into than God's Kingdom through New Hope. I look forward to seeing what God will accomplish in 2023, both in us and through us!

Keith Pate

Give Online
Volunteer for Bagdad Elementary
Volunteer for Bates Mission
Volunteer with Partners in Hope

Serve the Community,

Upcoming Opportunities

Check out these ways you can live on mission and make a difference! When you serve those in our community, you get to shine light into other people's lives, and that opens up the way for Jesus to be known.

March 20: Volunteer to serve teachers and staff at Bagdad Elementary

March 23: Volunteer to help pack items for Bates Mission, reaching kids who have aged out of the foster care system.

March 25: Volunteer to do minor home repairs, yardwork, or follow-up calls with Partners in Hope.

Reserve Your Spot

Grill & Chill

Mar. 27, 6:00 pm

19th Hole Pavilion

Guys, it's time to grill, chill and refill! This night of dinner and hangs is for all the men in our community, so invite the dudes you know!

We'll relax and hang out, enjoy heart food and be strengthened by friends, worship and a guest speaker. This month we're meeting at 19th Hole Pavilion in Crystal Falls.

Welcome Hunter Hanson!

We are thrilled to welcome Hunter Hanson as our new Student Pastor! Hunter and his wife Rachael came in view of a call on Feb. 24-26, and spent their weekend getting to know our students, Hunter shared his testimony with them, and both met several of our church members at a reception.

Hunter and Rachael are preparing to move from Minnesota next week, and he will start his first day at New Hope on Mar. 20. Please be praying for them during this time of transition and new beginnings!

Kids News
Students News

Weekly Giving

2/26 Budget Goal: $45,410

2/26 Given: $38,695

YTD as of 2/26 Budget Goal: $408,690

YTD as of 2/26 Given: $300,401

Believers in Jesus are called to make God priority over every part of their life -- including finances. We give as an expression of thanksgiving to God and trust that He will provide for our needs.

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