With 2020 GymRat CHALLENGE registration well underway, the GymRat CHALLENGE is happy to announce that it has chosen  Halpern Travel  as its hotel lodging & logistics partner beginning in 2020.  Halpern Travel  is an IATAN accredited travel agency and a member of the National Association of Sports Commissions, with more than twenty years of professional experience specializing in providing event and tournament housing coordination services to meet the unique needs of sports events and tournaments.  The GymRat CHALLENGE has partnered with  Halpern Travel  specifically because of Halpern's track record of  high quality customer service
  • Halpern Travel is in the process of negotiating hotel blocks and rates for the 2020 GymRat CHALLENGE.  For those teams that wish to book their hotels online, that information will be posted on the PREFERRED HOTEL section of www.GymRatCHALLENGE.com no later than January 1, 2020.  In the interim....
  • Halpern Travel's toll free reservations line can be reached at 888.640.6400 Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-5:30 PM eastern time
  • Halpern Travel can also be reached by email info@halperntravel.com.  
  • For escalation purposes, Halpern Travel's Lead Agent for the GymRat CHALLENGE is Julianne Zaremba.  
  • Julianne's direct line is 978.219.5705 and her email address is jzaremba@halperntravel.com.
ALL teams needing hotel space are REQUIRED to book through the GymRat CHALLENGE's hotel logistics partner HALPERN TRAVEL
In order to keep hotel rates as reasonable as possible, in order to track the economic impact of the GymRat CHALLENGE, and in order to ensure that teams are properly accommodated, ALL teams needing hotel space are REQUIRED to book through the GymRat CHALLENGE's hotel logistics partner, HALPERN TRAVEL.  Teams booking hotel space outside of this system will be REMOVED from the event schedule.
Because of the size and scope of the GymRat CHALLENGE events,  ALL OF THE RATES THAT HAVE BEEN NEGOTIATED THROUGH OUR HALPERN TRAVEL ARE CONTRACTUALLY GUARANTEED TO BE THE LOWEST RATES AVAILABLE TO ANY GUEST AT THAT HOTEL DURING THE EVENT WEEKEND.  Additionally, we have had major issues with hotels that are NOT on our Preferred List advertising low rates, but then adding "overflow fees" that double or triple the advertised rates once teams arrive to check-in.  THIS IS AMONG THE REASONS THAT WE REQUIRE ALL TEAMS TO BOOK THROUGH OUR PRESCRIBED PROCESS.

Halpern Travel is eager to make sure that your hotel needs are met. However, as we get closer and closer to our full mark, hotel space becomes more and more limited. Over 11,000 hotel room nights will be booked for the GymRat CHALLENGE, so starting your booking process as close to January 1st as possible is strongly advised. When you contact Halpern Travel, please be sure that you know:
  1. How many rooms you need.  If you need those rooms for FRI, SAT, or both nights  
  2. An idea of the accommodations that you want (i.e., what kind of hotel, etc).  
  3. The system has the ability to show how close each hotel is to each competition site.
  4. Although most teams want to be as close to their competition venues as possible, there are obvious limitations based on when you are booking and the resulting availability...the longer you've waited, the less availability will exist.